Mike Stevens | Sep 5, 2011


Toyota has announced the release of the updated-for-2012 HiLux range, following its unveiling at the Australian International Motor Show in July.

For 2012, the HiLux gets a number of styling tweaks and safety upgrades. The beancounters have also managed to sharpen pricing for many of the top-selling pickup's 35 variants (up from 32).

2012 toyota hilux 01 sr5 08

The HiLux range now features a revised front-end design with new headlights and a new grille, along with updated quarter panels and a new bonnet scoop.

There are also new bumpers at both ends, clear tail-light lenses and a new sports bar.

Changes in the cabin include a new upper dashboard with a horizontal centre instrument cluster and an updated centre stack with new heating/air-conditioning controls. For SR5 variants, there is also automatic climate control.


Mechnical Package

The HiLux is now available with with Single, Xtra and Double cabins, and two body styles: pickup and cab-chassis.

There are three equipment grades, including the entry WorkMate, the mid-range SR and the top-shelf SR5.

Three engines are available:

  • 2.7 litre four-cylinder petrol: 116kW at 5200rpm, 240Nm at 3800rpm
  • 4.0 litre V6 petrol: 175kW at 5200rpm, 343Nm between 2400-4800rpm | 376Nm with five-speed auto
  • 3.0 litre four-cylinder turbodiesel: 126kW at 3600rpm, 343Nm between 1400-3400rpm

All 4x4 models are now rated with a braked towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes - up from 2.25.

Toyota has also recalibrated the suspension of all 4x2 models, promising a flatter and more stable ride. The damper valves have been redesigned, and the bushes have been changed to reduce vibration.

There are seven new 3.0-litre turbo-diesel variants:

4x2 and 4x4
Single Cab: WorkMate cab chassis (manual)
Xtra Cab: SR pick-up (manual)

Single Cab: WorkMate cab chassis (auto)
Double Cab: WorkMate pick-up (manual and auto)

Four low-volume petrol V6 variants have been discontinued:

Double Cab: SR5 pick-up (manual)

Single Cab: SR cab chassis (manual and auto)
Xtra Cab: SR5 pick-up (manual)


Features And Safety

The 2012 HiLux gets new audio systems on all variants, and depending on the grade, the systems include voice recognition, touch-screen, radio text, 3D graphics for the satellite navigation and safety warnings for school zones and speed and red-light cameras.

2012 toyota hilux 01 sr5 09

As part of these audio upgrades, all SR5 models will come with satellite navigation as standard, viewed on the 6.1-inch LCD touch screen.

In addition, the SR5 now also comes with dusk-sensing headlamps, steering wheel-mounted phone controls, new alloy wheels, sports-style front seats with side airbags, curtain airbags and auto air-conditioning.

Toyota says the additional features for the SR5 are valued at $2690, while its purchase price has been cut by $5650.

Originally an add-on option for all but the SR5, anti-lock braking has also been adopted across the range as a standard feature.



Toyota's HiLux range now starts with the 4x2 WorkMate Single Cab cab-chassis at $18,990.

The entry price for a 4x4 turbodiesel HiLux has come down $6150 to $31,990, with the introduction of a WorkMate Single Cab with manual transmission.

Previous RRP# New RRP# Difference
4x2 Single Cab
WorkMate CC L4 manual $18,490 $18,990 +$500
WorkMate CC L4 auto $20,490 $20,990 +$500
WorkMate CC TD manual - $24,490 New Variant
SR CC V6 manual $24,090 $24,990 +$900
SR CC V6 auto $26,590 $27,490 +$900
SR CC TD manual $26,590 $26,990 +$400
SR Pick-up V6 manual $26,490 $26,490 $0
SR Pick-up V6 auto $28,990 $28,990 $0
4x2 Xtra Cab
SR V6 auto $30,890 $30,990 +$100
SR TD manual - $31,990 New Variant
SR5 V6 auto $40,390 $40,990 +$600
4x2 Double Cab
WorkMate L4 manual $26,990 $26,990 +$0
WorkMate L4 auto $28,990 $28,990 +$0
SR V6 manual $34,190 $34,990 +$800
SR V6 auto $36,690 $37,490 +$800
SR TD manual $32,590 $32,990 +$400
SR5 V6 manual $41,890 - Discontinued
SR5 V6 auto $44,390 $44,990 +$600
4x4 Single Cab
WorkMate CC TD manual - $31,990 New Variant
WorkMate CC TD auto - $33,990 New Variant
SR CC V6 manual $35,640 - Discontinued
SR CC V6 auto $38,140 - Discontinued
SR CC TD manual $38,140 $34,990 -$3,150
SR CC TD auto $40,140 $37,490 -$2,650
4x4 Xtra Cab
SR CC TD manual $43,040 $38,490 -$4,550
SR TD manual - $39,990 New Variant
SR5 V6 manual $50,140 - Discontinued
SR5 TD manual $52,640 $46,990 -$5,650
4x4 Double Cab
WorkMate TD manual - $38,990 New Variant
WorkMate TD auto - $40,990 New Variant
SR V6 manual $42,390 $41,990 -$400
SR V6 auto $44,890 $44,490 -$400
SR CC TD manual $44,140 $40,490 -$3,650
SR TD manual $44,890 $41,990 -$2,900
SR TD auto $46,890 $44,490 -$2,400
SR5 V6 manual $51,190 $50,990 -$200
SR5 V6 auto $53,690 $53,490 -$200
SR5 TD manual $53,690 $50,990 -$2,700
SR5 TD auto $55,690 $53,490 -$2,200

Note: prices are Manufacturer's List Price and do not include on-road costs.


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