2013 Mazda MX-5 Detailed In Patent Leak

Mike Stevens | Aug 17, 2011

Details of the hotly-anticipated next-generation Mazda MX-5 have surfaced in Japan this week, with Holiday Auto magazine getting a hold of one very telling patent drawing.

The new MX-5 looks set to continue the design themes of the original 1989 roadster, steering clear of Mazda's new Kodo styling language - just as the current 'NC' model adopted very few of the previous Nagare language's traits.

The current updated version of the NC MX-5 does offer one nod to the family face however, in the form of Mazda's familiar trapezoidal 'smile' grille and eye-like foglight bezels.

For the new model, a dashed outline suggests Mazda will return to the simple ellipse grille and round foglight recesses of the MX-5's predecessors - including the first series of the current MX-5.

The original MX-5's pop-up headlights will stay relegated to the history books however, with modern pedestrian safety requirements making the style illegal in most countries.

The new roadster will reportedly utilise a 1.5 litre SkyActiv-G petrol engine in the Japanese market, producing around 95kW, while the US market will get a 110kW 2.0 litre version of the SkyActiv-G engine.

Its power figures may not be awe-inspiring, but then that has never been the MX-5 way. As with previous generations, Mazda is focusing on lightweight construction and handling, and it is known that the company is shooting for a kerb weight below 1000kg.

An unveiling for the new MX-5 has yet to be announced, but with a 2013 debut expected, we should see more details surface over the coming year.

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  • 5valvepercylinder
    5 valve per cylinder says,
    3 years ago
    The sketch patent also shows Mazda will still apply their '05 Ibuki concept oval-shape hood design for the new MX-5.
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