Mike Stevens | Aug 8, 2011

Handling, weight, then - and only then - power. Those were the three commandments that the new Lamborghini Aventador's development team lived by and, most agree, the mission was a success.

Now, with the Aventador only three months old, Lamborghini is reportedly working to give its V12-powered hero a significant power boost.

Last week, Lamborghini revealed that it will bring a special new super sports model to Frankfurt. While the rumour mill's attention swung to a production-ready Sesto Elemento, new reports suggest that the Bull is shooting for a special Bugatti Veyron-inspired Aventador.

According to Dutch website Autojunk, which recently spied an Aventador on Veyron wheels, the Frankfurt-bound concept is packing around 745kW and will offer a top speed of around 400km/h.

In standard trim, the Aventador produces 525kW and a top speed of 350km/h. Its Volkswagen Group stablemate, the Bugatti Veyron, produces 736kW and offers a top speed of 407km/h - all from a 16-cylinder, 8.0 litre engine.

Whether we're about to see a new Aventador SV or something else entirely, remains to be seen. We'll know more in just a few short weeks.


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