Mike Stevens | Jul 25, 2011

A new survey in the UK has found that speeding is a leading cause of in-car arguments, with a majority of respondents citing leadfooted partners as a major point of frustration.

The survey's results showed that 25 percent of male participants and 21 percent of females find speeding to be the most likely cause of an in-car argument.

Getting lost proved the second-most frustrating issue for motorists and passengers, with 18 percent of participants ticked off by poor navigation. This issue proved a major concern for respondents between 55 and 65 years old.

Tailgating bugged 13 percent of respondents, road rage in the driver's seat angered 12 percent of passengers, and poor parking got up the nose of five percent of participants.

Rounding out the list of grievances were poor radio station selections (4.7 percent), driving too slow (4.5 percent) and children fighting in the back (3.9 percent).

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