2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI To Get Power Boost: Report

Mike Stevens | Jul 20, 2011

Talk of the next-generation Volkswagen Golf continues, following reports this week that the new model will take on a sharper, sportier look than the current sixth-generation hatch.

Today, new reports suggest that the sports-focused Golf GTI will gain a power boost with the new line-up. According to British magazine Autocar, a revised version of the current model's 2.0 litre turbo engine will feature, boosting power from 155kW to 165kW.

If accurate, the report means the current GTI Edition 35, powered by a 175kW version of the Golf R's engine, will remain a special edition rather than a preview of a coming GTI upgrade.

The Golf R's engine (shared with the Audi S3) will reportedly be retired in the lead-up to coming Euro 6 emission regulations, meaning the next flagship - if the R line is continued - will also need a new heart. An even more powerful version of the current GTI engine is rumoured.

The GTI and R won't be the only models to get powertrain changes. The report adds that the award-winning 1.4 litre petrol 'Twincharger' engine will lose its supercharger - adding credence to rumours from earlier this year.

Producing 118kW in its current form, the new turbo-only version of the engine will reportedly produce closer to 110kW in the next Golf (possibly in a '110 TSI' model).

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  • DM says,
    4 years ago
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    The R version needs to produce over 200kw to be competetive, especially with the added weight of it's AWD system. The issue with the GTI is that its open diff FWD cant handle much more power without going for a mechanical LSD. Losing the twincharger will be a blow. It must cost them a bomb to produce the engine, but cant see how a single turbo can be a step up in drivability.
  • Paddy says,
    4 years ago

    To be pretty honest I'm not too stuffed about power. 199KW in the current R is enough. It's how VW channels it out to the rest of the car that strikes more to me, from roadholding & cornering to seating and the interior.
    I'm pretty disappointed by the plain jane VW interiors of late. Functional but really not exciting at all.

    Seems like VW can play power as much or as little as they want. "Lets offer 165kw first so we can easily step it up to 175KW in 2016.. rather than finding a new heart to take on 180+"

    I think the whole point of losing the supercharger is for obvious gains in affordability. Golf is nearing Corolla pricing (compare 77/90/118TSI with an average corolla..)
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