2013 Volkswagen Golf Getting Sleeker Styling: Report

Mike Stevens | Jul 18, 2011

The next Volkswagen Golf will be the first all-new model since the fifth generation arrived in 2003, and new reports suggest we can look forward to a much sleeker design.

According to Britain's Autocar, the new Golf will arrive in mid-2012, bringing with it a steeper windscreen and a lower roofline, offering more slippery aerodynamics and a sportier look.

A three-door variant is expected, wearing an even sharper profile than the five-door - although Volkswagen will likely be careful not to cut into Scirocco territory.

A wider track is also reported, ensuring better handling - particularly for the GTI and R variants.

The sports-focused themes will continue in the cabin, with the centre instrument panel and console angled towards the driver.

The report's accuracy is unclear, although one very short glimpse of the new Golf was gained back in 2009 when a video for the L1 concept revealed designers working on a sleek new hatch in the background (shown at top of article).

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  • Anthony Mindel says,
    4 years ago
    The new Golf looks too similar to the MK5 model,so it needs a new look,as is allready looking boring and dated.
    • DM says,
      4 years ago
      VW insiders looked on the Mk6 as more of a Mk5.5. The real update will be the 2012 model. Agreed though hat the current golf needs better syle. The conservative regular models look like they could have been desinged by Toyota.
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