Steane Klose | Jun 16, 2008

The modern Maserati is as a rule an extremely desirable performance car, there are few who would argue that point. A gentleman’s express that combines pace with grace and frankly the idea of a Maserati Quattroporte wagon just doesn’t sit well with me.

Coachbuilding firm Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera see it differently and have confirmed that they will produce 25 Quattroporte wagons or as they prefer to call them Maserati Bellagio Fastback Tourings. Superleggera first previewed the Bellagio Fastback Touring at the 2008 Concorso d'Elegance Villa d'Este.

Superleggera start with a standard Maserati Quattroporte and massage the rear sheet metal to create the Fastback, a hommage to what the English refer to as a Shooting Brake, although by definition a Shooting Brake is based on a coupe not a four door but maybe that will change to include versions of today’s four-door coupes.


The rest of the Bellagio Fastback Touring is pure Maserati which means a 295kW/400hp 4.2-litre V8 engine and despite an additional 50kg in tare weight and 1,500 litres of load space the 0-100km/h time is still dispatched in a rapid 5.2 seconds.

Of course, Superleggera will entertain your every whim and desire and further customize your Bellagio Fastback should your pocket-book allow. Pricing for the Bellagio Fastback has not been released yet but word is that 200,000 Euro will be required before the Italian Coach Builder takes you seriously.

Now, an E-Class Estate and a regular Quattroporte seem like a far more sensible alternative to me.


[Source: WCF]

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