Subaru Coupe Due Early 2012, Three New Models To Follow

Mike Stevens | Jul 8, 2011

Subaru has announced today that it will launch four new models over the next five years, including its long-awaited sports coupe and a new hybrid model.

This news dovetails with Subaru's new Motion-V plan, which aims to achieve global sales growth to 900,000 units per year by 2016, compared to the 633,000 sales the company expects to achieve in the current fiscal year.

The Japanese carmaker's new range will kick off in the second quarter of 2012 with the global launch of the as-yet unnamed sports coupe, developed in partnership with Toyota.

While Toyota has been more forthcoming with details for its own 'FT-86' version of the new coupe, Subaru remains tight-lipped on what we can expect from its own take on the concept.

A new hybrid model will join Subaru's line-up in 2013, and while details on this model are thin on the ground, it is possible that we may see an updated production version of the Hybrid Tourer Concept revealed in 2009.

Subaru has yet to reveal details for the remaining two new models, although its recent Impreza-based XV concept is a possible starter. A replacement for the ageing Tribeca may also be on the cards.

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  • DM says,
    4 years ago
    The only hope Subaru have in selling any cars at all is to release theirs as a Turbo charged AWD variant. If the styling eyesores that Subaru have been putting out lately are anything to go by, it is bound to be ugly. Especially when the Toyota seems to be so good. So performance must be better than Toyota or else why bother, just buy the great looking Toyota.
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