Steane Klose | Mar 28, 2007

American car magazine Motor Trend has leaked pictures of the new 08 WRX a couple of weeks ahead of its official unveiling. Subaru will no doubt be peeved given the attention to secrecy car makers insist on in the lead up to all new model releases.

The result is in my opinion all a bit unexpected. For a car this important and this iconic it is a radical departure from the look of previous models and that makes it all a bit of a gamble for Subaru. Given the loyal world wide cult following that this performance car enjoys it is a little risky messing with the looks like this.


Other sites have compared it to the Mazda 3 to which it does bare a striking resemblance. I think there is more than a hint of BMW one series in the flanks.

On a positive note, the very odd looking front end of the current model is soon to be history. It's just a matter of deciding if you can live with the new front...side...and rear.

Rumour has it that Subaru will not be producing a sedan version but this is not yet confirmed. Some internet sites suggest that the sedan will be built. I'm going to go on record and say that they may produce the sedan...or they may not.


Expect the running gear to be largely unchanged which means a 2.5 litre turbocharged boxer 4 cylinder with upwards of the out-going models 169kws. I think it is a car that we are going to need to see in the flesh before judging and I suspect it will be a design that grows on you. It's got big loafers to fill so lets hope Subaru have got this car right!

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