2012 Hyundai Elantra Pricing Announced For Australia

Mike Stevens | Jun 13, 2011


Hyundai's all-new 2012 Elantra small sedan is now making its way into local showrooms, ahead of its launch at next month's Australian International Motor Show.

With only a few weeks left until its sales debut, Hyundai Australia has announced pricing for the Elantra range, which starts at $20,590 for the entry-level Active - a price rise of $600 over its predecessor's current pricing, now in 'runout sales'.

The styling of the new model follows Hyundai's 'Fluidic Sculpture' design language, borrowing styling cues from the strong-selling i45 medium sedan.

All three variants in the line-up are powered by Hyundai's 1.8 litre 'Nu' MPI petrol engine, producing 110kW at 6500pm, and 178Nm of torque at 4700rpm.

Paired with Hyundai's six-speed automatic transmission, the new Elantra offers fuel consumption figures of 7.1 l/100km on the combined cycle. With a six-speed manual (available only with the Active), fuel consumption is listed at 6.6 l/100km.

2011 hyundai elantra on the road 10

Although smaller, the new engine offers little in the way of power gains or exceptional fuel consumption improvements.

In the outgoing Elantra, the older 2.0 litre engine produced 105kW, 186Nm of torque and used 7.4 l/100km of fuel on the combined cycle. (a full review will reveal the new Elantra's performance and handling improvements).

The new Elantra is longer than its predecessor, measuring 4530mm (compared to 4505mm), with a wheelbase 50mm longer - promising improved passenger space.

Rear storage falls slightly however, from 470kg in the outgoing model to 463kg in the 2012 Elantra.

More details, including trim, features and options, along with local photos, are expected to revealed in Melbourne next month.


  • 2012 Hyundai Elantra Active - 6-speed Manual - $20,590
  • 2012 Hyundai Elantra Active - 6-speed Auto - $22,590
  • 2012 Hyundai Elantra Elite - 6-speed Auto - $25,590
  • 2012 Hyundai Elantra Premium - 6-speed Auto - $28,990
  • Metallica/Mica paint - $375

The Australian International Motor Show opens at 6pm on Friday 1 July and runs through until Sunday 10 July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Other new models and concepts confirmed for the 2011 AIMS include the Toyota Prius V and Prius C, the Suzuki Swift S-Concept, the Range Rover Evoque, the Toyota FT-86 II Concept, the 2012 Audi A6 and the 2012 Jaguar XF.

Appearances have also been confirmed for the all-new Lamborghini Aventador, the Lexus LF-Gh concept, the Mazda Shinari concept, and a preview of Australian carmaker JOSS Developments' upcoming JT1 supercar.

Follow TMR's coverage of the 2011 show at our special AIMS-dedicated page, and on our Twitter page.

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  • martin says,
    4 years ago
    so what happened to the new direct injection 1.6 engine delivering similar output with significantly better fuel consumption - fail?
  • pro-logic says,
    4 years ago
    1 like
    Is the Elatra the sister car of the Kia Rio 2012?
  • martin says,
    4 years ago
    from the article:
    "Although smaller, the new engine offers little in the way of power gains or exceptional fuel consumption improvements."
    I think the expectation that smaller engines (without boosting), even with substantial technology improvements (which this one hasn't), should usually deliver more power is naive, and exceptional fuel consumption improvements are usually not the case either. A naive statement to say the least.
    • MotorMouth says,
      4 years ago
      Not true. e.g. Look at how much improved Alfa's 2.0 JTS engine was over the twin-spark version it replaced. Power went from 114kW to 121kW and torque climbed from 187Nm to 206Nm. With the greater control offered by DI, fuel economy gains are likely to have been even better than the 10% or so improvements in output.

      I imagine the reason we are not getting the 1.6Di engine is that it would cost more and Hyundai sell on price/value, especially in the small car segment. That was the reason given by Mazda for giving us the 2.5 in the SP25, rather than the 2.0DI offered in Europe.
  • martin says,
    4 years ago
    @pro-logic, the car is more a sister to the Kia Cerato.
  • martin says,
    4 years ago
    Hyundai would have done better in offering the new direct injection 1.6 engine, and the 1.6 diesel with this car. I hope we see some new engines in the updated i30, and that it looks as fantastic as this car. whoever is responsible for design at Hyundai currently deserves very high praise indeed.
  • cyclone says,
    4 years ago
    the names of all other new models from hyundai have the i, what happened here... the elantra name should be buried... like every other name in the past. their current rage of cars do not reflect the old, so why retain the names???
  • martin says,
    4 years ago
    Hyundai need to drop the silly names. This car is a very attractive creation, so it's a shame it wears the name of it's ugly predessor.

    This car, the Elantra, was originally called the Lantra, but an argument over similar names with a Mitsubishi Magna Elante model made a change to Elantra, which is actually closer to Elante in my opinion! It is also known as the Avante elsewhere.

    The new Elantra was expected by some to be called the i30, and the next Hyundai Accent was expected to be the i25, but neither is happening here it seems. I suppose it could be worse, like BMW originally naming it's models after engine size, and then making the numbers not match the engine size at all (example 323i has a 2.5 litre engine.)

  • Shona says,
    3 years ago
    My ELANTRA has been sitting on between 10.8 to 12.2 L/100km. This is disgusting an my Ford Ranger is at 9.5 L/100km. Both of these were taken on urban driving. NOT HAPPYsad
    • FrugalOne says,
      3 years ago
      My ELANTRA has been sitting on between 10.8 to 12.2 L/100km. This is disgusting an my Ford Ranger is at 9.5 L/100km. Both of these were taken on urban driving. NOT HAPPYsad

      korean engineering CLICK!

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