2013 S-Class To Include Convertible And Coupe Variants: Report

Mike Stevens | May 17, 2011

The next generation of Mercedes-Benz's big S-Class flagship will break out of the sedan mould, adding coupe and convertible variants, according to reports in the European press this week.

The new S-Class is expected to arrive late next year, featuring the brand's new styling language and an even newer approach to interior design.

Long- and short-wheelbase versions of the new S-Class have been expected for some time, but new reports suggest that a Coupe and a convertible - a four-door convertible at that - will follow in the year after the new model's unveiling.

A topless version of the new S-Class would not be the first time Mercedes has considered a four-door convertible, with the 2007 Ocean Drive Concept (above) offering a glimpse of one potential future.

Mercedes has yet to confirm any plans for bodystyles other than the sedan, and so far only the sedan has been spied in testing.

The potential for coupe and convertible variants of the new S-Class is not without merit however, with the company's 93-module Mercedes Rear-wheel-drive Architecture (MRA) capable of supporting any number of bodystyles.

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  • Poisson says,
    4 years ago
    The coupe version is not news - the existing CL is basically a coupe S-class. So it's just a change of name.

    The convertible would be nice for sunny afternoon cruising along the beach.
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