2012 Mazda BT-50: Comfort And Cargo Details

Mike Stevens | Apr 27, 2011

With its all-new BT-50 set for release later this year, Mazda has revealed new details of its blue-singlet workhorse. This time, it's all about space: inside and out.

In Dual-Cab form, the 2012 BT-50 comes with a wheelbase 220mm longer than its 4x4 Dual-Cab predecessor. In the cabin, the back seats benefit most, with rear legroom increasing by 55mm.

Up front, headroom improves by 16mm, and shoulder room has increased by 30mm. Mazda hasn't released all the figures yet, but the Japanese carmaker promises a wider cabin for the all-new BT-50, improving shoulder room.

Developed alongside the all-new Ford Ranger, the 2012 BT-50 shares the same improved cargo capacity. In Dual-Cab form, the cargo tray measures 1549mm wide and 1560mm wide.

With higher sides, the cargo tray of the 2012 BT-50 Dual-Cab offers 1214 litres of rear carrying space - a 178 litre increase over the current model.

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  • Callous says,
    5 years ago
    Mazda now own the ugliest ute!
  • 288gto
    288gto says,
    5 years ago
    even Ssangyong is laughing at this
  • QED says,
    5 years ago
    You guys wouldnt know class if it came round and bit you on the bum. I wanted an Amorak but they r too expensive so have my name down for one of these already
    • Joy Champney says,
      2 years ago
      madHope you get a good one we have had a lot of trouble with ours gear box, seals leaking. The service department doesn,t seem to hear these problems until we jump up and down. Mackay
  • QED says,
    5 years ago
    The big problem Mazda/Ford will have when the twins hit the showrooms will be getting enough stock to fill demand. These models will be so far in front of the pack it wont be funny...just look at the specs. if u want the three tupperware box look go for the Ford but if u want a bit of style the Mazda is the way to go.....ok the back end of the Mazda will take a while to grow on u.
  • mick says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    I currently own the latest bt50 have had a few problems I like the spec's of the new one I just hope they have built it tough for work not just a city car I need mine to constantly carry a load & hope the clutch is better back lights wont worry me I'll have a tray on the back
    • QED says,
      5 years ago
      You will need to do some home work re issues like the optional work suspension pack. If you read the history these were designed from the ground up as a "lifestyle" vehicle. Towing was a priority...toolbox trailer Mon to frid and a big boat or van weekends and holidays. A lot of the development was done here in Aus and as the Ford is not going to the US soft freeway ride was not considered. I have a Rodeo and for my use the suspension is just too rough when empty...which is most of the time. Seems like the latest models from most makers have clutch issues...read the Nissan blogs for the Navara. Good thing with Mazda is the service and looking after warrenty issues seems better than average
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