NSW Speed Camera Audit Looking For Public Feedback

Mike Stevens | Apr 22, 2011

Motorists have been asked to take part in the New South Wales Government's audit of its 172 speed and red light fixed cameras, launched earlier this month.

As part of the investigation, NSW Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat wants drivers to visit the state's Audit Office website to report cameras they believe should be looked at.

The audit is being carried out by Mr Achterstraat's office, in partnership with the Roads and Traffic Authority (itself in the middle of an overhaul) and a number of road safety specialists.

"I'll be looking at the facts and figures behind the 172 fixed speed cameras but in addition to that I want to dig a lot deeper in relation to the most controversial cameras," Mr Achterstraat told press this week.

He said that motorists have become concerned that the state's camera network "are just money-making machines."

"There are also a large number of people who highly value particular speed cameras and see them as very effective in having reduced traffic accidents," he added.

NSW Motorists can have their say at http://audit.nsw.gov.au.

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  • PeterG says,
    5 years ago
    I looked at the list and OMG I did not realize there were so many cameras.It is really a disgrace that the RTA has been allowed to have their head or were they just an instrument of a bankrupt govt .I suggest the auditor go for a drive say along the pacific hwy Sydney to Qld border.In one case just south of Port Macq heading south you go from an old lump bumpy dual highway rated at 110 to smooth new dual highway rated at 100 and exactly at the transition point is a brand new speed camera.Now if that is not deliberate revenue raising what is it?
  • Nightshader says,
    5 years ago
    and if you continue along that road a bit more you will find another. Just before Ballina it goes from a single lane 80 zone to a overtaking lane and then immediately into a 100 zone. Of course the speed camera is in the overtaking 80km\h zone just before the 100 zone.
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