2011 Ford Territory Pricing Announced, On Sale From May

Mike Stevens | Apr 5, 2011


Note: Click here to read TMR's review of the new Ford Territory.

Ford Australia has today released pricing information for the 2011 'SZ' Territory, marking a significant mechanical, styling and equipment update for the popular SUV.

The Territory's latest (and likely last) update is the result of a $230 million investment by Ford Australia. At first glance, the Falcon-based SUV may appear to have gained little more than a facelift and a new interior - but there's a great deal more going on beneath the surface.

Mechanical Package

2.7 Litre Diesel Engine

2009 ford territory 04 duratorq tdci diesel 01

For the first time, a diesel engine is available with the Territory - across the whole range - in both all-wheel and rear-wheel-drive layouts.

Ford's 2.7-litre Duratorq TDCi turbodiesel V6 engine, producing 140kW and 440Nm of torque, powers the Territory's diesel models. Peak torque for the new engine is available from 1900rpm through to 2500rpm.

Combined fuel consumption for the turbodiesel engine is listed at 8.2 l/100km in rear-wheel-drive form, while the TX and TS all-wheel-drive variants consume 8.8 l/100km of diesel.

The range-topping Titanium all-wheel-drive is also frugal, with a claimed consumption of 9.0 l/100km on the combined cycle.

According to Ford Australia, the diesel Territory's fuel consumption on the highway is just 6.5 l/100km and, with a 75-litre fuel tank, owners can look forward to a 'theoretical' driving range of 1154km off one fill.

For all-wheel-drive diesel models, the Territory offers a towing capacity of 2700kg with a braked trailer, and a maximum downward towball capacity of 270kg.

In rear-wheel-drive, the diesel Territory will pull 2300kg with a braked trailer, with a downward towball weight of 230kg.

Significantly, the 2WD diesel Territory will be the only diesel wagon in Australia available in rear-wheel-drive outside of the premium Estate segment occupied by BMW and Mercedes.

I6 Petrol Engine

The Territory's inline six-cylinder petrol engine - available in rear-wheel-drive models only - has come in for an upgrade, with power boosted by 5kW to 195kW and torque increased by 8Nm to 391Nm.

With the same improvements seen in the FG Falcon, the I6 engine benefits from a fast-burn cylinder head design, a new light-weight dual-resonance intake manifold, a new electric throttle body and a new fuel rail system.

The I6 petrol engine is the standard powertrain for the new Territory, and fuel consumption figures are listed at 10.6 l/10kkm for RWD models - an improvement of 1.01 l/100km. On the highway, the petrol Territory will manage 8.0 l/100km - down from 9.1 l/100km.

Petrol models, available with rear-wheel-drive only, have a towing capacity of 2300kg with a braked trailer, and a downward towball weight of 230kg.


The 2011 Territory is fitted with six-speed automatic transmissions across the range, for both rear- and all-wheel-drive layouts.

For the petrol rear-wheel-drive models, the Territory gets ZF's 6HP26 six-speed auto, while the TDCi turbodiesel variants, in RWD and AWD form, are equipped with Ford's ZF-based 6R80 six-speed auto.

Suspension and Refinement

Mechanically, the 2011 Territory has been blessed with massive upgrades to its all-wheel-drive system, along with a re-engineered suspension tune that brings new springs, dampers and stabilisers, along with new driveline and suspension bushes.

The 2011 Territory also gains the same Electric Assisted Power Steering (EPAS) system featured with the US-market Mustang sports car - with the benefit of being tuned specifically for the Australian market.

These changes, combined with a host of noise, vibration and harshness improvements, bring a level of refinement that Ford says is the match of any of the Territory's more expensive premium competitors.

Interior And Features

The cabin of the 2011 Territory brings a complete redesign, featuring a Falcon-inspired dash design, along with a large eight-inch touch-screen with a new control system unique to the Territory.

"Drivers will find the positioning of the new Territory's controls both familiar and easy to use," Ford Asia Pacific's Design Manager for Passenger Interiors, Scott Ferrier said.

"The layout of the panel's instrument cluster and central LED screen, the centre console, button controls and steering column-mounted stalk controls are stylish and logical."

2011 ford territory titanium 07

At the base of the centre stack is a new storage compartment with a sliding 'tambour' door, inspired by similar arrangements found in many upmarket European models.

A lockable drawer is located under the driver's seat, along with handbag/umbrella recesses next to the driver and front passenger seat. There are new recessed cup holders in the centre console, positioned clear of the handbrake and transmission shifter.

Each rear door has an integrated stowage area, as do the sides of the third-row passenger compartment, which are fitted with armrest bins and cup holders. The new Territory also comes fitted with map pockets and seat pockets along with a flat folding floor for the rear compartment.

The 2011 Territory's cabin offers touches of chrome and satin highlights, changes that Ford Australia's Emily Lai says were inspired through buyer feedback.

The new Territory is available in a variety of upholstery colours and finishes, including a 'Shadow' black layout, and the no-cost optional light-coloured 'Cashmere' leather trim for the top-shelf Titanium.


Among the Territory's standout new features is its eight-inch touchscreen, available with the range-topping Titanium and the mid-spec TS grades.

The new screen offers controls for the Territory's audio system, along with telephone and climate controls. All Territory also gain the FG Falcon's four-spoke steering wheel, with wheel-mounted audio and cruise controls.

For the entry-level five-seater TX, a new high-mount 5.8-inch monochromatic screen is standard. The TX also features iPod, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

While the TX rides on 17-inch alloy wheels, the mid-spec TS gains 18-inch alloys, along with a reversing camera, front fog lights, dual-zone climate control, a premium audio system and seating for seven occupants.

Topping the line-up is the Titanium, which features 18-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, tinted glass, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, leather upholstery, a 10.2-inch DVD system for the rear passengers and a satellite navigation system with access to Traffic Message Channel.


The 2011 Ford Territory range will be available from May.

2011 Territory - TX

  • Rear-wheel drive petrol - $39,990
  • Rear-wheel drive diesel - $43,240
  • All-wheel drive diesel - $48,240

2011 Territory - TS

  • Rear-wheel drive petrol - $46,990
  • Rear-wheel drive diesel - $50,240
  • All-wheel drive diesel - $55,240

2011 Territory - Titanium

  • Rear-wheel drive petrol - $54,990
  • Rear-wheel drive diesel - $58,240
  • All-wheel drive diesel - $63,240

Note: all prices are Manufacturer’s List Price and do not include dealer delivery or on-road costs.

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  • 288gto
    288gto says,
    5 years ago
    Geez $39,990 for the baseline model for what is essentially a Falcon on stilts! No thanks ...
    • Tocam says,
      5 years ago
      Yeah exactly my thoughts too, and the stated prices are not even drive-away pricing. Way too expensive for a locally manufactured car, and no where near as competitively priced as it's direct competitors.

      And to me, Territory's direct competitors are Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav 4, VW Tiguan, Mitsubishi Outlander, Peugeot 4007, Subaru Forestor, Kia Sportage, Captiva 5.

      Non direct competitors - Nissan Murano, Toyota Kluger, Toyota Prado, VW Toureg, Mitsubitshi Pajero, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, Captiva 7. But then Territory were never on the same class as these competitors.

      So the new 2011 Territory is priced $5k above market average. The car's platform dictates it's market segment, so it can throw in luxury, diesels, and AWD but it won't change the market segmentation perceived, so essentially, it won't do well if it tap into the larger SUV market, and it is priced well above the market segment it is supposed to be in.

      But this won't stop people from buying it, I can feel this is going to be the next big seller for Ford. Pricing aside, this is my favourite SUV in the market at the moment in terms of packaging.
      • Terri10 says,
        5 years ago
        1 like
        Rather long rant from somebody who seems to have little idea about where the territory really fits in the market.
        The Territory definitely competes at the larger end of the Mid sized SUV market. There is no way that any HONEST person would put it with the first buch. In fact it's the Craptiva doesn't belong in the second group, not the Teritory.
        • 288gto
          288gto says,
          5 years ago
          Jacked up Falcon with AWD - give me an overpriced Kluger ANYDAY!
        • Tocam says,
          5 years ago
          Do you even know what the platform the Territory is built on?

          Is like putting a new height-increased suspension on a Camry, and then expect it compete with dedicated 4WD platform in the market?

          The Territory is an SUV pretender, but is marketed as one, and priced as one, which is all wrong to begin with. Let's hope they've managed to redesign their height-lifted suspension so it doesn't break like we see in the first generation.

          Like 288gto said very clearly, jacked up Falcon. Nothing wrong with that, just over-priced when you know what it is based from.
    • barra240t says,
      5 years ago
      1 like
      Hey 288gto, when was the last time you bought a new car at full price? Do you really think people go in saying, hey how much is the new Territory, oh $39,990 plus on roads, sure done deal. Never happens, usually they type in a popular car buying websites address hit "list price low to high" and take the print out with the to the dealership and ask them to match it. So instead of sticking your nose up at the price go drive it before saying "no thanks" and you might even see the value before you. Oh, and it will keep Australian jobs and business going as well as a bonus.
      • 288gto
        288gto says,
        5 years ago
        Hey barra240t, so even IF you can get it 1 or 2 K less, its still not worth it - when there are much better SUV's out there that wont depreciate as rapidly (like every other car Ford makes)!
        As for the Australian jobs rant - i think its time you peeled off your 'Love it of Leave it' sticker and realise that the country of origin means squat when it comes to getting value for money. Falcon on stilts NO THANKS!!!
        • Clint says,
          5 years ago
          288gto, so what car would you be refering to as an alternitive to the Territory?
          As for Falcon on stilts, well its not realy. Yes the Falcon is part of the basis for the Territory but the Territory is yet a lot different then the Falcon. Boot space, 7 seats, AWD, diesel etc. So it would be like saying a FPV GT or HSV GTS is just a Falcon or Commadore.
          You dont buy a FPV of HSV just to get a Falcon or Commadore. Same as you dont buy a Territory if you want a Falcon.
        • barra240t says,
          5 years ago
          Sweet, you say TOYOTA I say FORD, I'd never buy a Toyota, an uninspiring and boring car manufacter in my eyes. And yes, I have actually taken many for test drives. A mode of transport yes, but an involving drive, no.
  • WheresBear says,
    5 years ago
    I would never use the word 'inspired' in anything relating to Ford dashboard design. In fact for what seems to be a decent car the one thing that puts me off is the nasty spray painted silver centre stack. *blah*

    Virtually none of the vehicles mentioned in previous post come close to being Territory competitors. Kluger would certainly be right in there and by all accounts a good buy. However most are significantly smaller (CR-V, RAV, Tiguan etc), don't offer diesel or are designed with off roading ability in mind but with a price hike to match (Prado, Pajero etc). Captiva's don't come close to build quality

    • Tocam says,
      5 years ago
      Being direct competitors means it has to be in the same class specification as the other cars in the group.

      When it comes to the term SUV, there are a dozen different ways to segment the models to fit certain criteria. But SUV has to be measured by its ground clearance amongst the other specification.

      Territory 175mm, CR-V, 185mm, looks pretty clear to me. Chassis size alone do not automatically put it in the same category as the larger SUV.
  • ammerty
    Dann says,
    5 years ago
    I'd rather go a similarly spec'd Subaru Outback, which has better build quality, and better on & off-road qualities.
    • ammerty
      Dann says,
      5 years ago
      That said, Subaru's diesel engine is only available in manual, which is a bit disappointing.
    • Terri10 says,
      5 years ago
      Look, I love my Subies, but the outback is an altogether different class of vehicle to a Territory (much smaller) and the Territory is miles ahead on style!
  • mako88 says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    Hello all ,
    just as I thought IL6 same price as previous model forget the run out prices,the diesel base model is the $1000 less than the Jeep's wrangler 4dr v6 petol,& Toyota's NEW FJ at $44900 both real 4x4's this Fords last harrah 7 years too late for the Territoy I must say I enjoy Ford's explanations why its taken so long, undoubly they will get bums on seats and I really hope they do!!.
    The fact car build prices must be too high in Australia building for limited market, so every car built in Australia has some personalization being small batch numbers, Both Ford & Holden occasionally bleet about profits & $$$$ why would you be in itoff course there cleaning up, basically Australian manufacturers make good profits viz overhead recovery, at the end of the day Australian built vehicles are too expensive production numbers to low.
    The Ford Territory and the NEW model was described as an outdated fairmont wagon in another journal, enough gloom
  • Clint says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    I think it is a good car, as good if not better then others in its class. Some of these post have points and some are full of s#%t!
    If you are not a Ford person then you’ll never say anything good about a Ford, and vies versos for other makes.
    Look at the bigger picture, Its an Australian car, putting Australians in jobs. Yes it may cost a little more but i know i would rather pay for this car then some others in its class that don’t offer that much more but may be cheaper.
    The same goes for Holden at least we have our own Aussie built cars but with people saying on one hand how crap it is to see jobs going over seas, but yet wont spend money on buying Aussie built.
    • mako88 says,
      5 years ago
      1 like
      Yes I agree with you we currently 4 Ford Rangers on the property 2 Territories collectively have done 498,000 kilometres yes in there class they may be fine , my point is people are comparing with real 4X4 the Jeep which we have a TJ & JK from the USA also the note the TOYOTA FJ [new] ex Japan not from THAI or Korea and they build qual cars for the mass's & ops China, the picture is not Ford OR Holden we moved away from them both when they stopped be real ,,,,,dropping the F150 which carries a landcruiser on back tray, we then imported our own F100-150's from Canada independently also Holdens stopped with the Chev
      Some of have points as you quote s#%t! I have owned almost every Ford model from 1969 thats 40 years TO NOW, & some holden tray top one tonners there in in the paddock where they stopped,every two years we changed our daily runners we operate a large farm and travel high kilometres, the rice burners just don;t cut it out here, oh yeah how excited did we feel when Ford dropped the Fairlane the long haul comfort wagon oh yes the dealer said get the ford wagon same wheel base ..... the big picture is as I said we build a reasonably quality car yes but the reality it costs to much to build for a compact market yes no Bull we have had all those cars the boys tell me maybe even more , so this farm has proped up the car economy in Australia for some 50+ years we know all the failings oh the dealer has offered a 2011 Ranger for two weeks trail thats interesting ??
      • Clint says,
        5 years ago
        I hear you there about cars for farming, as i work for a dealership in the country. I know why the dealership is offering you the new ranger because i believe it will be one of the best on the market when it comes out. We use to sell F250's here and sell they did. Nothing could touch them value for money. But now they are so expensive to fix.
        But the problem is car makers dont give a sh%t about us in the country because we are only a small market. That is why the SUV market is doing so well. City folk have the "4WD" and then they can go bush.......
        You are right though, it is a small market for Ford & Holden in Australia with a lot of competition, but when buying my next car, and the one after that, i will look at what they have to offer first
  • Terry says,
    4 years ago
    I am a long term Holden and HSV driver and still have these cars , we in 2005 purchased a Territory Ghia in as of changing family requirements and what a surprise , it is one of the best cars we ever had , we then in 2007 purchased a new Territory Turbo , again and now 5 years later , what a car and no issues at all with it. on the open road it is simular to my HSV , the power is suprising , ie 0-160 is only just slower than a phase 3 HO that would surprise many as well. With the GT brakes and it handing it is a great car. i have driven all the Prado, s , Klugers etc , i cant understand some of the below comments , maybe they havent driven or owned a Territory?
    The interesting situation is when I hired a few falcons from hire car companies over the years I couldnt believe just how much better a Territory is to drive than the sedans or wagons as well.
    Even the the Territory isnt too bad in general sand I am not looking for a 4wd type car like a Prado etc , so whatever it could lack I am not discussing that here , I am comparing an all round car overall.
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