BMW Australia Targeting 'Misleading' Personalised Number Plates

Mike Stevens | Apr 1, 2011

BMW Australia has launched an assault this week on a favourite 'love to hate' fixture for Australian motorists: personalised number plates.

Along with the Australian Bureau of Motorways (that's ABMW, by the way) and its "4GETIT" campaign, BMW has lashed out at the deceptive nature of "poor performing vehicles" with number plates such as "PLAYA", "FULISIK" and "PUNSHR".

According to the carmaker's Registrations Compliance Manager Pierce Tayker, Australia's roads are "littered with flash-harrys whose number plates say more about their ego than their engine."

“In the same way that motorists are encouraged to blow the whistle on dirty polluting cars, it is our collective responsibility to ensure road-users do not have to put up with this tasteless display of false advertising,” he said.

He added that these plates are too often attached to cars with "dubious styling and performance abilities," although we suspect he may be tayking the pierce.

Happy April 1M.

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