Mike Stevens | Mar 31, 2011

Hyundai has pulled the sheets off its Blue2 FCEV Concept at this week's Seoul Motor Show, offering a preview of its plans in the hydrogen-powered alternative fuel race.

Aimed at getting an early foothold in the FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) market, the Blue2 is named to represent Hyundai's Blue-Drive eco brand and the chemical symbol for hydrogen gas, H2.

Power for the Blue2 is provided by a 90kW electric motor and, according to Hyundai, it will return the equivalent of 2.8 l/100km when compared to a regular petrol engine with the same output.

To help it achieve those figures, the Blue2 is also fitted with low rolling-resistance tyres and alloy wheels designed to improve aerodynamic performance.

On the styling front, the Blue2's "Intersected Flow" design represents a significant departure from Hyundai's current "fluidic sculpture" look.

Hyundai describes the new design approach as sporty and futuristic, its exterior designing flowing into the interior, with an assymmetrical dashboard and seats that are designed to allow easier entry and exit - helped further by automatic doors.

Interestingly, Hyundai says the Blue2's styling is also "a blueprint for future sedans." Watch for future Hyundai models to begin showing hints of the Blue2 Concept.

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