Chrysler 300C S Concept Shown At LX Spring Festival

Mike Stevens | Mar 30, 2011

Chrysler has shown off a handful of modified 2011 300Cs at the enthusiast-focused LX Spring Festival in California this week, offering a glimpse of its new 'S' line of styling options.

Among the modified 300C cars on display at the weekend was a satin-grey example with large multi-spoke wheels and red leather S-emblazoned seats, along with a similar black model and a gunmetal grey on large racing BBS-style wheels.

Other tweaks included a mesh front grille, a bootlid lip spoiler, lowered suspension and darkened headlight frames.

Chrysler has not said which of the modifications and upgrades at the LX show would make their way to the 300C's catalogue.

The S line is expected to focus purely on styling options, meaning the 300C will continue to draw power from the existing 209kW 3.6 litre petrol V6 (currently driving the new Grand Cherokee in Australia) and the new 260kW 5.7 litre V8.


The new 300C is expected to make its Australian debut around this time next year, although it remains to be seen if any of the edgier S options will join the local range.

TMR's Tony O'Kane has a first-generation 300C SRT 8 in the review garage this week - watch for his review.

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  • 1099450946
    Ben H says,
    5 years ago
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    Contrary to popular opinion, this is all just WINNING!!!! laugh
  • Kelvin M says,
    3 years ago
    Mike, any idea what the wheels on the 300S in this article are? The ones with a "blue" tinge and the model standing behind the rear of the car?
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