Steane Klose | Jun 12, 2008

With the news this week that Toyota will be producing Camry hybrids at its Altona plant in Victoria, with a little help from Kevin Rudd and our tax dollars, comes a press release from Honda suggesting that perhaps the assistance shouldn’t end there.

Honda Australia is today calling on State and Federal Governments to be true ‘green partners’ and match their commitment to a cleaner, greener Australia by supporting hybrid cars.

Mr. Lindsay Smalley, Honda Australia’s Senior Director says the time is right to establish incentives for people to purchase hybrid vehicles.

“Honda has been at the forefront of developing technologies to reduce emissions at a global level for many years. We wanted Australia to benefit from this technology, so we introduced hybrid motoring with the two-seater Insight Hybrid Coupe in 2000. Honda calls for initiatives from both State and Federal Governments that would assist Australians who want to reduce their carbon footprint and fuel usage”.


The Honda Civic Hybrid achieves 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres and pumps out CO2 at the frugal rate of 109 grams per kilometer and offers great value for money being Australia’s most affordable hybrid at $32,990. It was introduced in 2004 and since then, Honda has sold 2,363 Civic Hybrids in Australia, the vast majority to private buyers.

“As with any new technology, it will take time for hybrids to be widely accepted. Honda believes abolishing Federal import tariffs and cutting stamp duty and registration on hybrid vehicles would greatly assist their presence on our roads and give consumers a wider choice of hybrid motoring options.” Mr. Smalley said.

Every Civic Hybrid sold receives Australia’s first Climate Care warranty, a partnership between Honda and Greenfleet. Over the first three years of the vehicle’s life, 18 trees will be planted, effectively making your motoring, over the first three years, carbon neutral during that period.

Honda’s requests will likely be well received by our political leaders. Hybrids seem to be the only ‘green’ vehicle that they readily identify with.

The sceptics amongst us wonder when they will offer the same consideration and incentives to manufacturers and buyers of vehicles that use clean diesel technology and perhaps more significantly LPG. Liquid Petroleum Gas is plentiful in Australia, easy on the pocket and easy on the environment.

The simple solutions are often the ones that are overlooked.

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