Nissan 370Z Updated For 2011, Australian Debut Confirmed

Mike Stevens | Mar 8, 2011

2011 NISSAN 370Z

Nissan has announced the updated-for-2011 Nissan 370Z, bringing a number of upgrades to the car's suspension and transmission. The 2011 model year also sees the launch a top-shelf GT Edition in the international market.

The first major update for the popular sport car since its international launch in 2008, the '11 370Z gets retuned dampers designed for a more even balance between comfort and handling.

Changes to the Z's suspension were developed by technicians at Nissan Technical Centre Europe, in deference - Nissan says - to the higher average speeds "routinely enjoyed in Europe."

Underbody insulation has also been improved for 2011, reducing road noise.

In another nod to Northern conditions, the 370Z's optional seven-speed automatic transmission gains a snow mode, launching the car in second gear and moderating engine revs to minimise slip on ice and snow.

The 2011 Z also gets a tyre-pressure monitoring system and rear-view parking camera, the latter connected through the Nissan Premium Connect satellite navigation display.

GT Edition

For 2011, a special GT Edition package has been announced, bringing a handful of cosmetic tweaks to the 370Z.

Sports stripes run along the flanks of the GT Edition model, along with anthracite-coloured versions of the 19-inch Rays wheels that are standard fit in Australia.

Three colours are available with this model: metallic black, pearl white and the exclusive Black Rose shade.


A local launch date for the updated 2011 370Z has yet to be announced, although Nissan Australia has promised more details toward the end of this month.

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