2011 Volkswagen Amarok On Sale From March 1

Mike Stevens | Feb 21, 2011

Volkswagen Australia has today announced pricing and March 1st availability of the 2011 Amarok, the company's first foray into the dedicated pick-up segment.

Forming the fourth model series in the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand, the Amarok is the first one-tonne class pick-up to be developed in Germany.

Entering the market as a major part of its assault on Toyota's position atop the global sales ladder, the Amarok faces off against the likes of the Toyota Hilux, the Nissan Navara and the Mitsubishi Triton.

Since its coming was announced, Australia - where 4x4 'pickup' sales are dominated by the Hilux and the Navara - has been marked as a "key market" for the Amarok.

Importantly for the Australian market, the Amarok is also the first ute in its class to gain a 5-Star ANCAP crash safety rating, with the score applying to variants equipped with permanent all-wheel-drive or selectable four-wheel-drive 4MOTION systems.


Drawing design cues from across the segment and within its own ranks, the Amarok's styling - crafted by Volkswagen Chief Designer Walter de'Silva - is far from revolutionary. Its look is, however, perfectly utilitarian and strong.

Up front, the new ute features Volkswagen's now familiar letterbox grille and rectangular headlights, while the front bumper also takes its inspiration from the brand's passenger line-up.

Flared guards stand out against a robust-looking but otherwise unremarkable profile, while the rear end is dominated by large corner taillights with with deep red lenses.


03 2011 volkswagen amarok highline 05

The Amarok is available in Australia in four trim and specification grades.

The entry-level Amarok 2WD workhorse features a rugged rubber floor covering and hard-wearing materials, while the higher-grade Trendline, Highline and Ultimate variants get carpeted floors and more trim options.

The Highline also offers a leather steering wheel, along with a leather gear shift knob and handbrake lever.

Volkswagen describes the Amarok as a full-fledged five-seater, although the rear row can be converted to extra internal cargo space by folding up the rear seats and backrest.

The rear cargo space of the dual-cab Amarok - the only bodystyle available for now - measures 1555mm long and 1620mm wide, yielding a load area of 2.52 metres squared.

The Amarok offers a load space height of 780mm, while space between the rear wheel wells is 1222mm, making it possible to load Australian- and European-standard pallets sideways - a first for a mid-size ute.


Aimed at the tradesman, the entry-level Amarok gets unpainted bumpers, door handles and outside mirrors, with tough textured black surfaces. Also standard are 16-inch steel wheels and load area lighting.

Other standard features include heated and electrically-powered outside mirrors, and remote central locking.

Inside, the basic Amarok gets height-adjustable front seats and a variable folding rear bench.

Next up in the range is the Trendline, equipped with body-coloured front bumper, door handles and outside mirrors, and a contrasting black rear bumper. Alloy 16-inch wheels are standard here, along with front fog lights.

The Trendline also gets Volkswagen's Climatic electronically-controlled air-conditioning, and the RCD 310 CD/radio system with four speakers in the front of the interior.

Cruise control and a multi-function display are also standard with the Trendline, and there are additional storage bins beneath the front seats of the Trendline grade.

The penultimate Highline grade gets more luxury-oriented details inside and out, gaining more distinctive wheelarch flares and 18-inch aluminium wheels. There are also chrome accents for the front bumper and the outside mirrors, and dark tinted glass in the rear and a chrome-plated rear bumper.

Adding to the Trendline's interior appointments, the Highline gains chrome accents to the gearshift, air vents and steering wheel. The more advanced RCD 510 CD/radio system is also featured, with six speakers installed in the cabin.

At the top of the range is the Amarok Ultimate, adding 19-inch alloy wheels, prominent side steps and stainless steel sports bars, along with 'Ultimate' badging inside and out.

The Amarok Ultimate is available with selectable four-wheel-drive and permanent all-wheel-drive 4MOTION.

01 2011 volkswagen amarok 06

Volkswagen offers a number of options for the Amarok, including hard and soft tonneau covers for the rear tub, and a moulded tubliner or boot mats, formed to the contour of the tub.

A towbar is available as an option, and Bluetooth handsfree is also available.

On the safety front, the Amarok is equipped with driver and front passenger airbags, along with front head/thorax side airbags as standard.

Other standard safety features include electronic stability with brake assist and ABS, off-road ABS/ASR and EDL (see Mechanical Package).

the Amarok is also the first ute in its class to gain a 5-Star ANCAP crash safety rating, with the score applying to variants equipped with permanent all-wheel-drive or selectable four-wheel-drive 4MOTION systems.


02 2011 volkswagen amarok trendline 01

The Amarok line-up is powered by one engine: a 120kW 2.0 litre four-cylinder diesel engine, featuring bi-turbo charging and 400Nm of torque availabe from 1500rpm.

Three different driveline systems are available for the new Amarok: rear-wheel drive for the entry model, rear-wheel drive with selectable 4MOTION four-wheel drive for the mid-range models, and, for the Ultimate variants, a permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive system with standard comfort suspension and a Torsen differential.

Normally, the distribution ratio for the permanent all-wheel-drive 4MOTION is 40:60; however power distribution can be varied according to the properties of the road surface.

All three driveline versions have an Electronic Rear Differential Lock (EDL) which operates by automatic braking interventions that prevent wheel spinning on one side of the vehicle.

Volkswagen also offers a rear differential lock as standard on all 4MOTION models.

The selectable four-wheel-drive 4MOTION system also offers additional off-road gear reduction in its low setting, allowing for extreme crawler drives and enabling inclines with up to 100 percent grades (on a 45 degree incline angle).

In off-road environments, the Amarok's approach angle is rated at 28 degrees up front, and an exit angle of 23.6 degrees. Volkswagen says the Amarok can also handle water passes up to half a metre deep.

02 2011 volkswagen amarok trendline 03

Paired with a six-speed manual transmission and the 2WD system, the diesel engine lists fuel consumption figures of 7.7 l/100km. Matched to the 4MOTION selectable or permanent 4MOTION all-wheel-drive systems, fuel consumption climbs to just 7.9 l/100km.

Suspension is managed by a dual wishbone suspension up front with cast bearings and a spring displacement of 190mm, designed for off-road capability while permitting high loading.

There are two running gear options: for the 4MOTION variant with permanent all-wheel-drive, a comfort suspension is used, consisting of a 2+1 trapezoidal spring pack for suspension, noise and vibration comfort. The gross vehicle weight rating for this version is 2.82 metric tonnes.

In conjunction with the standard Heavy Duty package, the Amarok can handle a load of up to 1157kg. This package is standard on the rear-wheel drive version and on the Amarok with selectable 4MOTION drive, featuring a very high-load 3+2 trapezoidal suspension with three primary and two additional spring packs.

04 2011 volkswagen amarok ultimate 10

The Amarok has a towing capacity of up to 2800kg (750kg unbraked) and and allowance for 280kg of downball weight. The gross weight of the vehicle-trailer combination may reach up to 5.5 metric tons.

Off-road action is assisted by a number of safety systems, including ESP and Off-Road ABS, Hill Descent assist at speeds below 30km/h and Hill Hold Assist.

The Amarok's Electronic Differential Lock automatically acts on all driven wheels, increasing traction on surfaces where tyre grip differs on either side.

Anti-Slip Regulation and engine drag torque control are featured in models with 2WD and selectable four-wheel-drive.


The 2011 Volkswagen Amarok is on sale around Australia from March 1.

Amarok 2WD


  • TDI400 - 6 Speed Manual - $33,990

Amarok 4MOTION


  • TDI400 - Selectable four-wheel-drive - 6 Speed Manual - $43,990

Amarok Trendline

  • TDI400 - Selectable four-wheel-drive - 6 Speed Manual - $47,990

Amarok Highline

  • TDI400 - Selectable four-wheel-drive - 6 Speed Manual - $52,990

Amarok Ultimate

  • TDI400 - Selectable four-wheel-drive - 6 Speed Manual - $58,490
  • TDI400 - Permanent all-wheel-drive - 6 Speed Manual - $58,490

Note: pricing is Manufacturer's List Price and does not include dealer delivery or on-road costs.

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  • Wheelnut
    Wheelnut says,
    5 years ago
    It's not a UTE its a Pick-Up.. it uses a rigid ladder truck type chassis with a bolt-on body and tray section - like the Hilux Navara and Triton

    Whereas a ute is a commercial vehicle with an integrated open cargo area which is built on the same platform as the sedan from which its derived.. Like the original Ford Coupe Ute back in the 30s and the current VE Commodore Ute
  • 288gto
    288gto says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    2 thumbs up VW - this looks awesome! tons better styled than the current line up of pick ups!!
    Prob could do with an auto .....
  • Domonic says,
    5 years ago
    Not to impress by the Amarok, it's visual appeal isn't great at all, People like my self don't alter our thoughts and give to thumbs up with a kid Grin. These four door utes have always been missing quality interior and it appears as though vw has answered. The styling however are plain old conventional, the styling cues are most probably borrowed from the nissan nirvara being rounded at the edges. The headlights have been dissected with sections to give it an agressive appeal. I'm forecasting the sales for this amarok will be purchase by cashed up bogans or classes with alot of as$es. People who buy toyotas don't worship a motor vehicle, they may enjoy the drive but they don't kiss the metal , they have better things to do then worry about paint chips on their new pick up.
    • 288gto
      288gto says,
      5 years ago
      1 like
      'styling cues are most probably borrowed from the nissan NAVARA' - your kidding? How about styled based on the other VW cars in their fleet!
      VW has a very distinct design and this car will be purchased by those who are sick of toyota and nissan punching out boring cars!
  • says,
    5 years ago
    4XMotion with 3.2L (2.5L 5 cylinder)diesel should be top of the range !!!
    2.0L engin isn't big enough for most of existing pick-up user in AUS.
  • super matthew
    Super Mattthew says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    It's got 400Nm of torque, I'd call that powerful enough...
  • PeterG says,
    5 years ago
    A bit girly boy for this market.
    Could struggle.
  • 1099450946
    Ben H says,
    5 years ago
    Girly boy? Me thinks you need to have a look at the other competitors again...

    Until the new Ranger arrives, this has to be the best "Pick-Up" (I'd still say ute - there's no official definition, geez) in Australia! I rate the exterior above all others and even the interior is a step up from the others as well. But, as I said, the new Ranger certainly looks mightily competitive compared to the Amarok - both inside and out.

    This and the new Ranger could be the start of a new era for this segment too - Toyota and Nissan have had it too long in popping out boring, undesirable utes that are brought only for the work they are needed for. Why can't a ute have a car like interior that doesn't make it a depressing place to be on long family journey's?

    Powertrains seem adequate compared to the current competition, but with the 3.2L I5 DT coming in the new Ranger, those seeking some pulling power may just have to bypass this one...

    All in all, great job VW on your first UTE. Already ahead of the pack!
    • says,
      5 years ago
      You got to be kidding,the car hasn't even been released in Australia & your claiming it has to be the best pick up in Australia.Are you a VW CEO or something?
      This is a rich mans city 4x4 that will climb many speed humps with its 22in chrome wheels.It will more than likely never see any true 4x4 action.
      I'd rather stick with my MY11 Hilux SR then that unproven junk.If i really wanted to upgrade my 4x4 i'd buy a landcruiser & if i wanted to upgrade my small car i'd buy a VW Golf GTI or R32.
  • 1099450946
    Ben H says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    After all that, it should have read "3.2L I5 TD"... /facepalm
  • PeterG says,
    5 years ago
    Yes Mr Ben it looks girly boy.
    The wheels are too small for its arches,and the front is more Golf than toerag and a bit Great Wall in appearance.
    Overall a bit soft looking and in this market segment that spells disaster.
    Like it or lump it these types of vehicles sell mostly to Tradies not family men towing their jet ski.

  • tengu22 says,
    5 years ago
    Saw one being driven by my neighbour today. They are much smaller than i would have thought.

    At the end of the day, while the concept is fine, given the price difference between say a trendline 4x4 @$44k and a GL-R triton (which i have had two) for $37k drive away, I cant see the market being taken by storm or Amarok. Not when the new colorado etc are all on the way.
  • bricklayer says,
    3 years ago
    I'm a bricklayer, my mate has a brand new 50k navara for work, and our mate has a brand new hilux for work. All of us use our cars on road and off for work and for day to day life,from safeway to knee deep mud pits of sites. The only difference is I have a amarok. Both of them have said if they had their time again they'd get one too. Non of us are car freaks or 4x4 heros, we just bought a work car, and when we compared the 3 between each other the amarok was seen to be the overall favorite.
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