Mike Stevens | Jan 21, 2011

Despite listing a number of Toyota-sourced engines at the unveiling of its next-generation line-up, there is continuing speculation on which engines will power Lotus cars in the future - and where they'll come from.

While a supercharged version of the Lexus IS F's V8 engine promised a huge 462kW for the new 2013 Esprit, reports out of Europe this week suggest Lotus may instead be planning to develop its own V8 and V6 engines.

According to Automobile Magazine, the decision will be made on a power-to-weight basis, and Lotus believes it can shave around 60kg by using an internally-developed 4.8 litre V8, rather than Toyota's 5.0 litre engine.

Quoting unnamed sources, the report claims target power of around 410kW for the V8, with a special Esprit R version getting up to 450kW.

The smaller V6 engine would reportedly develop around 260kW; more power than the 245kW V6 of the Nissan 370Z, and likely in a lighter package. A turbo-charged version is expected also, developing closer to 370kW.

One Toyota engine appears to still be on Lotus' list however, that being the 240kW turbo-charged four-cylinder planned for the new Elise.

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