NSW Learner Driver Logbooks To Be Scrapped

Mike Stevens | Jan 10, 2011

Despite a University of Adelaide study that showed South Australian learner drivers aren't getting enough hours behind the wheel, their counterparts in New South Wales will soon get even less driving time.

In what has been called a push for the youth vote, and described by Roads Minister David Borger as a "fairness issue," the NSW State Government is moving to abolish the current 120 hour logbook for learner drivers.

"We want to take account of the needs of learner drivers who cannot afford driving lessons and those with little or no family support to get to 120 hours," a spokesperson for Mr Borger told Fairfax.

The current 120 hour requirement was brought into law in 2007 by former NSW Premier Morris Iemma, increasing the minimum hours from the previous 50. It is unknown if the government will return to the earlier requirement.

Talk of the move, which has yet to be announced, follows a call from the NSW Opposition to have a compulsory one-day driving course established for learners, paid for by the government and - it is hoped - contributions from insurance companies and associated organisations.

In NSW, there are around 250,000 learner drivers, 140,000 P1 drivers and another 250,000 P2 drivers.

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  • Gromit says,
    5 years ago
    Why not abolish the speed limits of learners too? In NSW they're limited to just 80km/hr; thus are never supervised at higher speeds and are never taught how to safely overtake.
  • josie1010 says,
    5 years ago
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    The deaths and accidents on the road by todays youths is still no different then when there was on only 50 hours of driving to complete, so maybe we need to bring in other ideas. The hours are not going to change anything, as most of us know how mant people really complete all the hours anyway?
  • says,
    5 years ago
    I think that the learner drivers should be required to do a defensive driving school so they see how to handle a car in bad conditions. Scrap the hours back down to 50.
    Ask the Police that go to the scenes of the crashes what they think is the best way to do this, these are the real people that get affected by the deaths.

  • says,
    5 years ago
    As a parent instructing a Learner Driver, I agree that 120 hours is a hard slog. Maintaining the maximum 80km/h speed limit on the highways is dangerous. The learner driver becomes a road hazard, with cars and trucks travelling past at 100-110km/h, particularly living near the Qld border where their Learner drivers are not subjected to reduced speed limits. How to we as instuctors teach young drivers how to merge and change lanes at speed.
    The first time they get to do this is after they qualfiy for their P's.

    Are we improving the skills of our young drivers when they are generally instructed by their parents for 120 hours. Are their parents good drivers or just passing on bad habits- what additional skills have the parent instuctors undertaken prior to this period of instruction. I appreciate there is a great deal of written instruction in the log book, is this being read? Who is testing the parent instructors?

    Why not have a minumum of 50 hours then a mandatory defensive driving course and then if they are considered suitably skiiled to under go the RTA Driving test allow them, but if they fail , they need to undergo a further period of hours.
  • About To Get L's says,
    3 years ago
    so has the 120 hour requirement changed in nsw?

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