Mike Stevens | Dec 7, 2010

As Maserati considers its own Cayenne competitor, Lamborghini has reportedly written off any chance of a new SUV - despite the ready-made platform and powerplants available in the Volkswagen family.

Speaking with Britain's Autocar this week, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said that the company had a choice between an SUV and a four-seat four-door, but described the SUV as a "no-go."

He added that while the company is considering a new model separate from the Gallardo and the upcoming Murcielago replacement, it will likely be inspired by the four-door Estoque.

“We have opportunities outside the supercar business, and we showed that with Estoque,” said Winkelmann. “It had a more enthusiastic response than we had expected. It was the right time to see if the brand could go outside of supercars. Even now, people are still emailing me about us making the Estoque”.

Although the Cayenne has been a top-selling model for Volkswagen stablemate Porsche, adding a super saloon to the Lamborghini line-up would give the Italian company a competitor against the likes of Porsche's Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide.

According to Winkelmann, a four-door inspired by the Estoque would give the brand a new appeal for buyers seeking a more practical offering in the supercar world.

“If we are going to offer a third model, it could be a ‘first’ car, bringing people to our brand.”

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