Subaru 'Confidence In Motion' Green Concept To Debut At LA Auto Show

Mike Stevens | Nov 3, 2010

It may not be the car that most of its fans are waiting for, but if its silhouette is anything to go by, Subaru's upcoming 'Confidence in Motion' concept will at least look the part.

Set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 17, Subaru's new concept is an important step for the company, representing not only the next phase in its design language, but also its approach to green technology.

Predictably evasive in the details of its announcement, Subaru has at least revealed that the Confidence in Motion slogan will be the driving point for "all Subaru activities" in the future.

"Subaru announced today the establishment of a new global brand statement, 'Confidence in Motion', as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the Subaru brand," a Subaru statement reads.

"'Confidence' reflects Subaru's attitude toward engineering excellence and the trust generated among drivers by following through on its commitment to provide both enjoyment and peace of mind."

"'in Motion' expresses Subaru's resolve to continue innovating to meet customer expectations in a world of constant change."

Still, the possibility of this concept being the first look at Subaru's version of the upcoming Toyota/Subaru FT-86 collaborative sportscar shouldn't be discounted.

Neither company has offered any details on the cars' powertrains, but, with Toyota involved, a focus on green technology is likely to be a significant factor.

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  • DM says,
    5 years ago
    All sounds good in theory, but when the company has made 1 decent looking car in 10 years (previous liberty), I hope it wont be the same old "smashed crab in motion".
    • Ward Paterson says,
      5 years ago
      IMO the 03-05 series WRX & STi looks way better than the previous model Liberty...

      The 08 onwards models look bad because the shorter wheel based hatch was developed primarily for WRC, but then Subaru unfortunately pulled out of the WRC because of the GFC... I think if Subaru stayed in the race, we'd all probably like the shape alot more.

      Its all in the eye of the beholder. I own an 09 STi Spec R, and I wouldnt trade it for anything around the same price point. Subaru AWD FTW!
  • 5valvepercylinder
    5 valve per cylinder says,
    5 years ago
    I think it's a fact Subaru doesn't do well with concepts, even with previous Hybrid Tourer Concept it's just not that brilliant and progressive as a design piece.

    A real pity because they carry a very good credibility with their WRC record their All-Wheel-Drive mantra and brilliant driving dynamics which a lot of people do believe in but it's just the look of their cars at the moment are so depressing.
  • harlem says,
    5 years ago
    Obviously looks arent everything. Subaru sales are flying this year (as are most I admit), and they still hold first position on Glasses future values guide for every model they make. Someone likes them.
  • Steven Hambleton says,
    5 years ago
    I wish they'd pay more attention to the taller driver. Their seats are far too flat and the telescopic steering doesn't stretch out far enough.

    Otherwise I believe their mechanical systems are bulletproof.

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