Mike Stevens | Sep 30, 2010

The flood of Pre-Paris Auto Show surprises continues with the online debut today of the Peugeot HR1 compact SUV hybrid concept.

With a face clearly inspired by the sports-focussed SR1 hybrid concept, Peugeot says its HR1 concept is more than merely a hybrid CUV, borrowing elements from city cars, sports coupes and SUVs alike.

As with the SR1, the HR1 is powered by PSA Peugeot Citroen's Hybrid4 technology, with an 82kW 1.2 litre three-cylinder petrol engine driving the front wheels and a 28kW electric motor powering the rear wheels. Torque is listed at 100Nm.

Paired with an electronically-controlled six-speed manual transmission with steering-mounted shifting paddles, the HR1 returns fuel consumption figures of just 3.5 l/100km, and CO2 emissions as low as 80g/km.

While the exterior of the HR1 looks ready to hit the showroom floor (excluding, perhaps, the scissor doors), the hybrid CUV's interior is far more concept-driven.

With an elevated centre console for the driver and passenger seats, the HR1's back section offers two seats that fold perfectly flat to free up 734 litres of storage space.

Billed as a design study, Peugeot's latest concept is not expected to enter production. With the new 508 borrowing styling traits from the likes of the SR1 however (and the Peugeot 5 by Peugeot), we can expect some elements from the HR1's look to carry over into future production models.

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