Mike Stevens | Sep 22, 2010

peugeot ex1 electric vehicle concept 06

One part Peugeot 508 and two parts Batmobile, Peugeot has today revealed its latest concept in the form of the EX1 Electric Vehicle Concept, promised earlier this month in a series of teaser images.

Celebrating Peugeot's 200th anniversary, the all-electric EX1 draws on Peugeot's new styling language - featured most recently in the new 508 and the stylish SR1 concept - executed for the EX1 in a design that Peugeot describes as a 'water droplet exoskeleton'.

Power for the EX1 is provided by two electric motors - one at each axle - producing a combined output of 250kW and 250Nm of instantly-available torque, with energy coming from a lithium ion battery pack.

No performance figures for the EX1 have been offered, although Peugeot claims it has already "broken several world records for acceleration from a standing start." (An odd claim to make without offering numbers to back it up...)

Access to the EX1's interior is made by climbing in through reverse-opening doors, and the two seats are fitted to the doors rather than to the monocoque frame of the car itself.

Suspension is managed by a drop-link double wishbone system at the front, while a motorbike-like swingarm manages suspension at the rear, linked to a central shock absorber.

While we wait for details of its claimed achievements, Peugeot says it aims to break even more world records with the EX1 this year.

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