Mike Stevens | Jun 7, 2008

When you're one of the most desirable and exotic marques in the world, you might think that would be enough. But when you've got shareholders bleeting at you to find new ways to make more more more money, what do you do? In Porsche's case, you expand the range.

Best known for their 911 and Boxster range, Porsche added the Cayenne—and later the Cayman—to their stable of offerings. With the upcoming 4-door Panamera, they've signalled their intent to broaden their horizons and pinch a slice of the pie sitting on the window sill of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Rumour has it though that they're now also considering adding a rebodied and re-badged Golf to the list. And why not? When you own a healthy chunk of Volkswagen Automotive Group, you may as well make the most of it. And if there's one thing VAG do well, it's make the most of the parts bin.

The question for me though is: Does this expand the accessibility of a badge that everyone would love to own but most can't afford—not unlike the BMW 1-series—or does it dilute it? Would a 911 GT3 be as desirable if it shared a badge with a hatchback? For my money, absolutely, but what about you dear readers?

[Motive Magazine]

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