Range Rover Considering Fourth Model Line: Report

Mike Stevens | Aug 9, 2010

The all-new Evoque compact SUV is barely upon us and already Land Rover is considering a fourth model for its upmarket Range Rover brand, according to reports out of Europe this week.

A report by Britain's Autocar magazine claims that 'well-placed sources' have revealed plans for a new model that will fill the tiny gap between the upcoming Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, previously the smaller offering in the two-model Range Rover line-up.

Sized and priced between the two, the new model would reportedly be built on a stretched version of the same platform used by the Sport and the Land Rover Freelander 2, possibly as a (much-needed) seven-seat model.

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The Evoque, which was unveiled as a two-door model but has also been spied testing as a five-door variant, will be built thanks to a combined investment by Land Rover owner Tata, and the UK Government.

With the brand's newest model still some months away from its European market debut, the reported fourth model would likely be at least two to three years away.

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  • 288gto
    288gto says,
    5 years ago
    I know Range is about luxury, but with every new model LR is losing more and more off its off road credentials. How about making another proper offroader between the defender and disco? Keep the heritage!!!!
  • Paddy says,
    5 years ago
    Okay Rango. lets get things right here.
    I drove a RR Sport earlier this year hwen they launched. These rangies are becoming heavier and losing offroad cred - I appreciate reliability and build quality has skyrocketed since Ford took over (Hopefully Tata keeps this up) but the Rangie has become an 'in your face' army tank...
    Range Rover would seriously pick sales volume up (At least me, who'd easily add 2% to annual RR sales in new zealand alone) if they could lighten it with an XJ-style spaceframe, and have decent offroaders (llike 288gto mentioned). Just about every car magazine I picked up which mentioned the RR and the landcruiser 200 could talk crap about the onroad benefits but in EVERY magazine was a small line mentioning something along the lines of "Where the landcruiser can go the rangie can't"... and that's really a shame to the $17000 Jimny which comes along without breaking a sweat... =/
    It's a huge rant.. but I almost never write things this long or bother, except RR's shot themselves well bringing themselves up at the same time!