Mike Stevens | Jun 7, 2008

So you've got a bunch of toy cars lying around—boxes and shelves just chockers with the things—and the missus has commanded you to get rid of them. You figure you'd like to recover a bit of your costs rather than toss them in the bin, so you stick them on eBay. But when eBay's already loaded to the brim with similar items, what chance do you have of offloading them all before the wifey leaves you for the real man down the road?

And then a horned lightbulb flashes overhead. Breasts! Who can possibly deny themselves a bunch of Matchbox cars that have been sat on some lovely lady's chest? The missus agrees with your crazy plan, figuring that her cannons on display may just be a necessary evil. Besides, you're pretty sure she's a bit of an exhibitionist.

I think I can manage to live without the cars, but I tell you what folks; I don't reckon I've ever stared so long at a Skoda before.

[Chris Tilley's eBay page] Thanks Stu!

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