Mike Stevens | Jul 8, 2010

Red Bull driver Mark Webber will be at the wheel of 'Luscious Liz' at this weekend's British Grand Prix.

The RB6 chassis was named by his teammate Sebastian Vettel at the beginning of the season, before it sustained damage and the German underperformed while Webber dominated in Barcelona and Monaco.

So Vettel, 23, stepped into the winter testing chassis and called it 'Randy Mandy'.

Meanwhile, the car driven to Webber's earlier emphatic wins this season has been temporarily retired after his backflip in the recent European grand prix.

After a tour of the team's Milton Keynes factory on Wednesday, the news agency PA said Webber will now race Vettel's earlier chassis.

The crashed car, currently featuring scrawled messages including 'RIP' courtesy of the mechanics, is now being repaired and will be used as the spare monocoque in Britain.

"I don't get attached to cars, but clearly that one was unique," said Webber, 33.

He revealed that after he won at Monaco, the team promised him he could keep the RB6.

"They'll probably give me something else (now)," he added. "But the car did a great job for me in two cases. It won races for me, and it looked after me when I needed it."

Webber's new car is unlikely to feature the 'Luscious Liz' signage on the dashboard, with the Australian admitting his relationship with German Vettel is "pretty good" after their Istanbul crash but they don't get on "like a house on fire".

"If Seb's drowning in the ocean then I'll go and help him out. It's not easy to have a beautiful, fuzzy, warm relationship when your teammate is clearly a competitor," he said.



Secret Of Red Bull's Qualifying Speed Revealed?

A secret of Red Bull's superior pace in the decisive Q3 phase of qualifying may have been revealed.

Autosprint's auto.it website reports that the team has a special electronic setting for the Renault engine that maintains a constant exhaust gas pressure.

When the setting is selected, the stream of gases flow constantly from the exhaust through the double diffuser, even when the driver of the RB6 is not pressing the throttle.

This would increase downforce at slow speeds.

The setting, revealed initially on the blog of the British journalist James Allen, is reportedly used sparingly - for example only in Q3 - because it is damaging to the engine.

The RB6 has been on pole position at 8 of the 9 grands prix so far this season.


Horner Wants 'Long-Term' Contract Talks With Vettel

Christian Horner wants to sit down with Sebastian Vettel at Silverstone this weekend and talk about the future.

The 23-year-old Vettel is already contracted to Red Bull Racing for 2011, but the Milton Keynes based team reportedly wants a much longer deal.

Germany's Sport Bild said the team, owned by Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz but run by Briton Horner, is eyeing a deal through 2015.

But when asked precisely how long he would like Vettel to commit, Horner joked: "2028.

"Then he'd be 41, like Michael Schumacher."

Vettel handles his own contractual negotiations, with only the assistance of his father Norbert.

Horner said: "I know that Mercedes would have Sebastian. Ferrari too, and even McLaren would not be averse. That's why we want to have him for the long term."

The media report said a new deal to 2015, with options through to 2018 with a ten per cent retainer increase per additional year, would boost Vettel's retainer to about EUR 12 million per season.

"Sebastian is the future. He is going to be around, winning, for many years," Horner said.

And Vettel commented: "I already have a contract with Red Bull. What happens next, we will see.

"For me, it's not about the money but about sitting in a competitive car with a team I feel comfortable with."


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