Holden Kicks Off Recruitment For Local Cruze And VE Series II Commodore Production

Mike Stevens | Sep 9, 2010

2012 holden cruze hatchback 01

Holden has today kicked off recruitment for production of the local Cruze sedan - set to begin early next year - and the recently-revealed VE Series II Commodore at its Elizabeth plant in South Australia.

Holden's long-planned switch to local manufacture for the Cruze sedan has necessitated the return to a second shift.

Holden also recently announced that it would begin exporting the Commodore to Brazil. The Cruze hatchback - revealed last weekend - will make its debut on the company's assembly line later in 2011.

“The recruitment is good news for the manufacturing industry in South Australia and shows we are turning the corner this year,” Holden Manufacturing Operations Executive Director Martyn Cray said.

“There’s a real sense of excitement at Elizabeth - we started building Series II Commodore this week and we’re very happy with all the work being done to introduce Holden Cruze to the production line early next year.”

The Cruze is set to be the only locally-built small car in Australia.

Starting on November 15, the second shift follows confirmation in April that Holden would slow production of the current-generation VE Commodore ahead of the Series II launch.

The reintroduction of a second shift to Holden's production schedule comes after the carmaker switched to a single shift in April last year, to match production to slowing sales.

To preserve jobs under the reduced shift plan, Holden reached agreement with its employees and the unions on alternating work arrangements and reduced shifts and hours, ranging from one week on, one week off, to one week off in twelve.

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  • Frugal-One
    FrugalOne says,
    5 years ago

    This is VERY good news if more Aussies are employed, i hope Holden can build and market a quality product so they get and deserve lots of sales.

    But what about all the workers that lost there job at FishermansBend[Blue] at the engine plant?

  • Wheelnut
    Wheelnut says,
    5 years ago
    Its good news ...further more it shows that despite those who "guaranteed" us that Holden would close over the last couple of years.. Holden are here and will be for quite some time; GM recognises the potential Holden has to offer.

    Mind you I don't think that this or the news about the Cruze Hatch and the Cruze Coupe will stop them.
  • marke says,
    5 years ago
    I agree, great news for holden and its employees. A real tribute to holden and the courage of its previous management to get them to this point.
    I think the locally built cruze will be a real sales winner for holden.
    Whilst the 'general' non motoring enthusiast population seems to have embraced this car, I really hope that Holden can do something to lift the 'rebadged daewoo' image this car portrays in enthusiast circles and provide a worldclass car that is percieved as such by all.