Mike Stevens | Sep 7, 2010

Following a three-day blitz in the CBD that focused on motorcycle and scooter safety, Victoria Police have this week embarked on a similar campaign aimed at not only cyclists, but also pedestrians, drivers and motorcyclists.

Police officers will be patrolling with bicycles, foot patrols and vehicles to ensure cyclists and drivers are riding and driving safely around the CBD, Southbank, Carlton and North Melbourne.

Police will also target motorcyclists in bike lanes, passenger drop offs and illegal parking.

"The main focus of the operation is to target offences committed by cyclists but also to crack down on drivers compromising their safety," A/Sen Sgt Zussa said.

"Bike riding is being encouraged in Melbourne, particularly the CBD and police want to reduce the amount of road trauma involving cyclists."

The four day operation will be held today, tomorrow and again later this month.

During the three month period from April to June this year the North West Melbourne Region recorded 72 cycling accidents, including 10 serious injury collisions.

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