Mike Stevens | Jun 16, 2010

Sony and Polyphony Digital have, by means of footage displayed at this week's E3 games expo in the US, confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 will at last arrive on November 2. That's November 2, 2010.

Take that with as many grains of salt as seems appropriate.

When at last it arrives, The $60 million dollar Gran Turismo 5 will offer nearly 1000 vehicles, with more than 70 track configurations set in over 20 locations.

It will reportedly also feature full 3D support, as well as support for PlayStation's Move - a system similar in concept to the controls of the Nintendo Wii.

The latest iteration of the hugely popular Gran Turismo series was scheduled to launch in Japan in March, though as has happened so many times before in the GT5 saga, that date flew by without any word from the game's developers.

Late last year, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Chris Hinojosa-Miranda said the company is hoping for a Summer 2010 (US) launch - around June or July at the earliest.

In May, Sony released a number of images from the in-game version of the Nurburgring course, complete with track graffiti and track-side tent city.

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