Mike Stevens | Jun 15, 2010

The next generation of Ferrari models might draw on six-cylinder power once more, according to the Italian supercar company's CEO, Luca di Montezemolo.

Speaking with British paper Autocar this week, di Montezemolo said that while the supercarmaker's focus must continue to be on performance and pleasure, a return to six-cylinder engines is a possibility.

When asked if Ferrari's push for powertrains more in-line with Europe's tightening emissions laws would mean adopting a V6 engine, di Montezemolo replied, "An engine smaller than a V8? Why not?"

The forthright Ferrari boss has admitted in the past that his company is developing a hybrid V12 engine, previewed in part by the 599 HY-KERS concept revealed at Geneva earlier this year.

Based on technology developed through its Formula 1 programme, Ferrari has developed a hybrid system that pairs a 40kg, 75kW electric motor with its 6.0 litre V12 engine and seven-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission.

"Our goal is that it will be ready in four years' time," di Montezemolo told Autocar, "but we’re not 100 per cent sure about the cost or economy because there are four years to go and we’ll see lots of improvement in that time."

He added that, at this stage, Ferrari does not plan to offer hybrid versions of its other engines, be they V8 or V6 configurations.

Under the company's new plans, the larger current-generation V8 engines replaced by turbo-charged smaller-capacity engines for improved consumption and emissions.

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