Mike Stevens | Jun 7, 2010

Since beginning a crack-down on drug-affected drivers two-and-a-half years ago, some 32,000 roadside drug tests have been conducted in Queensland. The roadside testing program has netted around 630 offenders.

According to Police Minister Neil Roberts, eight repeat offenders have been prosecuted. Mr Roberts described the number as "not good enough".

"One in every 50 drivers are testing positive for illicit drugs," Mr Roberts said.

"This is simply not good enough. If you drive while affected by drugs or alcohol, you will be caught."

While a full breakdown has not been offered, Queensland Police say cannabis has proven to be the drug of choice for most offenders. Methylamphetamine and ecstasy also ranked highly.

As with most states, Queensland is cracking down on drug drivers - along with alcohol, drugs contributed to 38.4 percent (126 deaths) of the state's road toll in 2008

The roadside testing is a five-minute process, which involves officers taking saliva samples from motorists at mobile testing stations. Motorists caught driving under the influence of drugs face a $1400 fine, three months imprisonment and a licence suspension.

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