Mike Stevens | Jun 2, 2010

With the recent advent of roadside number-plate recognition technology and similar systems, one Queensland MP is calling for state governments to do away with vehicle registration stickers.

Rob Messenger, MP for Burnett in Queensland, told reporters today that problems earlier this year with a batch of five million faulty rego stickers could be avoided in the future if the ageing system was scrapped all together.

"Registration stickers were needed in a different world when police and other public officers didn't have the ability to immediately check to see if a vehicle's registration was valid and had been paid," Mr Messenger told the AAP today.

Although the Department of Transport lists security and national uniformity among the reasons to use registration stickers, the Western Australian Government has already scrapped the need for light vehicles to display a sticker.

Mr Messenger's comments follow an announcement last month that Queensland will soon implement new anti-fraud licence cards, incorporating a microchip programmed with the licence-holder's details.

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