Mike Stevens | Jun 2, 2010

Victorian Roads Minister Tim Pallas has ruled out night curfews for young drivers following yesterday's 'road safety roundtable'.

Transport groups, road safety experts, community groups, Victoria Police and leaders in health, road trauma and youth affairs participated in the roundtable forum pulled together by the Minister. According to Mr Pallas, the discussion produced a range of ideas that will be used to develop new approaches to tackling the state's road toll.

One area to be investigated is the continued development of the state's Intelligent Speed Assist technology, designed to force repeat speeding offenders to slow down.

Tougher measures and penalties for drink- and drug-affected drivers will also be considered, along with mandatory alcohol interlocks and stronger vehicle impound sanctions.

But night curfews for young drivers have been ruled out. Although raised during recent consultation with local communities, the notion was but all-but unanimously rejected by the groups present at the roundtable talks.

“We will not be pursuing the idea of night curfews for young drivers, as I am not convinced this measure would be practical or realistic," Mr Pallas said. “Targeting a specific group in such a way does not guarantee good road safety outcomes and we do not want to punish all young drivers for the stupidity of some.

“There are too many young parents, too many young Victorians that work late or study late, whose lives would be adversely impacted.

While 'P-plate' drivers make up just 13 percent of all registered drivers in Victoria, they account for 25 percent of the state's road toll.

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