Subaru Australia Recalling CVT-Equipped 2010 Liberty And Outback

Mike Stevens | May 17, 2010

SUBARU AUSTRALIA has confirmed that it has issued a recall for its 2010 Liberty and 2010 Outback models equipped with the company's CVT automatic transmission.

A statement from Subaru parent company Fuji Heavy Industries says that the affected vehicles "may experience an oil leak from a faulty cooler hose." If the leak is not remedied, the vehicle will come to a stop.

Speaking with TMR today, David Rowley, National Corporate Affairs Manager for Subaru Australia confirmed the details of the recall.

"We can confirm that a recall has been issued on 2288 cars across the Liberty and Outback ranges, specifically those fitted with the CVT transmission," Mr Rowley said.

"It basically involves an inspection and where necessary, replacement of an oil hose. Subaru Australia is writing to affected customers at the moment."

The recall has been issued both here in Australia and internationally, with over 29,000 Outback and Liberty cars affected in the US market.

In Australia, only two vehicles have been confirmed to have been affected so far, with no injuries or incidents reported.

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  • Colleen Harris says,
    5 years ago
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    Just making comment on my subaru forrester 2007 had it 3 years just out of warrenty and had a seam give way in radiator so i didnt see warning light so kept driving and ruined my motor.. One would think with todays tecnology they would have some device to shut car down if it got too hot.. Any way when your car is only three years old you dont expect your radiator to leak ..Thought i was buying Quality car joke might as well have brought a Kia my sister has had one for 12 years with no problems ....My Mechanic said it was definatly a faulty Radiator and he phoned subaru in Launceston cause he thought they might honour the warranty..JOKE !!