2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS: Most Powerful Road Porsche Ever, Coming To Australia - Video

Mike Stevens | May 13, 2010

UPDATE: Video added.

PORSCHE HAS today issued the first details and photos of its upcoming 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, following spy photos from its private unveiling in Germany earlier this month.

Powered by Porsche's twin-turbo 3.6 litre flat six and weighing in at 1370kg, the 911 GT RS delivers a mammoth 620hp (462kW), resulting in a power-to-weight ratio of 4.9 lbs (2.21kg) per hp. The 0-100km/h sprint is over and done with in 3.4 seconds.

By comparison, the current-generation GT2 offers an already substantial 390kW, and the recently-released naturally-aspirated GT3 RS offers 335kW. Even the 5.7 litre V10-powered Carrera GT is outclassed, listing an output of 450kW.

In simple terms, the GT2 RS is the fastest, most powerful road-going model that Porsche has ever offered.

According to Porsche, it will lap the Nurburgring Nordschleife in seven minutes and 18 seconds, putting it just inside the top six (or so) production vehicles to navigate the course in under 7:20.

2011 porsche 911 gt2 rs official 05

In 2004, the Carrera GT covered the circuit in 7:28, while the GT2 managed a time of 7:32.

Some of the features unique to the GT2 RS include carbon-fibre-reinforced components with a matte black finish, wider wheels (with flared arches up front), new central-locking light-alloy wheels and a 10mm taller rear spoiler lip.

The GT2 RS is limited to 500 units, with its worldwide debut scheduled for the Moscow Auto Show in August.

In Australia, shipments of a small number of GT2 RS units will begin in September. Local pricing is unknown, but the price in the US market is listed at US$245,000.

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  • Godspeed says,
    5 years ago
    Now that's more like it. Looks more like a true successor to the crazy 993 GT2 (with its bolt on flares) than the 996 GT2 was.