Mike Stevens | May 6, 2010

THE NSW Government has announced it will redesign the state's learner and probationary licence cards as part of its fight against minors using forged ID to enter adult-age venues.

The redesigned NSW cards will see the licence-holder's birthdate tiled through the background. The cards of drivers who were under 18 when they applied for the licence will also have a red border around their photo.

"These changes were developed by the Alcohol Initiatives Task Force after advice from police that the birth dates on the licenses were being altered by underage people to get into pubs and clubs," NSW Premier Kristina Keneally told AAP this week.

"So this is all part of a measure to drive down underage drinking to make it easier for licensed venues to check identification and make it harder for people who want to do the wrong thing."

The announcement follows a similar redesign to Victorian licences last year, with all new licences in that state featuring a clear strip through the centre of the card, behind the date of birth and licence expiry date.

The new licences will be issued at RTA NSW offices from June. Existing licences will not need to be replaced until they expire.

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