Mike Stevens | Apr 30, 2010

AFTER a 'Do Not Buy' warning issued by Consumer Reports lead Toyota to halt sales of the US-market Lexus GX 460, sales have resumed thanks to an updated stability-control system.

The report, which claimed that the Prado-based SUV could potentially roll over in certain situations, was another straw on Toyota's back in a year that has seen the world number-one carmaker suffering with recalls and mechanical issues.

This week, Lexus Group Vice President Mark Templin issued a statement declaring the GX 460 safe, the company's engineers successfully identifying and remedying issues in the the vehicle's stability control system.

"Thanks to the quick response and hard work by our engineers, we were able to identify and correct the issue in just about two weeks. This is our assurance to Lexus customers that their safety and satisfaction are our top priorities," Templin said.

Dealers in the US have been instructed to contact customers to arrange a software upgrade for each vehicle.

"As previously announced, we will continue to provide a courtesy vehicle to anyone who has purchased a 2010 GX 460 and has concerns about driving it until the recall work has been completed," Templin said.

The Lexus GX 460, which shares its platform with the Toyota Prado and the US-market 4Runner, is not offered in Australia. Toyota Australia has confirmed that the local Prado is not affected by the stability control concerns found with the GX 460.

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