Mazda RX-8 To Be Retired At Year's End, Mazda Australia Says Otherwise

Mike Stevens | Apr 16, 2010

UPDATE: Comment from Mazda Australia's Steve McIver added.

UNABLE TO meet Europe's strict Euro V emissions laws, the Mazda RX-8 will reportedly be pulled from the European market later this year.

According to Britain's Autocar magazine, rather than re-engineering the existing Renesis rotary engine so late in the RX-8's life cycle, the Japanese carmaker has decided to retire the current generation all together.

While Europe's emissions laws are understood to be the reason behind the decision, it is unclear if the model will be cancelled globally or in Europe only. Autocar's report claims that production of the current RX-8 has ended, leaving only current stock available to buyers.

Speaking with TMR today, Mazda Australia's Steve McIver said that, despite reports to the contrary, there has been no decision to cancel the current-generation RX-8.

"There's been no decision on discontinuing the current RX-8. Production continues, and Mazda is always working to improve its rotary technology," Mr McIver said.

The RX-8 was last updated early in 2008, gaining a modestly restyled face and a number of new features. Updates to the Renesis engine saw the same 170kW on offer, but with enhanced low-to-mid range response.

Mazda was reportedly due to unveil an all-new RX-8 at last year's Frankfurt Auto Show, but no such model has been seen or heard of in the time since those early reports last year.

At this stage, the next generation of Mazda's four-door coupe is expected to debut sometime next year, although without even a concept or spy photos - the usual signs of an upcoming new model - it remains to be seen if that report is reliable.

A new 1.6 litre direct-injected rotary engine is in development, however reports out of Japan claim that Mazda's engineers are struggling to bring weight down, as it pushes to reduce the overall weight of its cars by 100kg within five years.

TMR has contacted Mazda Australia to confirm the reports of the RX-8's retirement, and will update this report as more information becomes available.

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  • Martin says,
    6 years ago
    I won't be sad to see it go, never understood the appeal when it came out and still don't...
  • says,
    6 years ago
    Martin, you obviuosly haven't driven one on a twisty piece of is sublime!
    • Martin says,
      6 years ago
      Haha, you'd be right in saying that. Hmm, perhaps if the chance arises I shall take it...?
  • says,
    6 years ago
    Please GET IT RIGHT!..
    "unveil an all-new RX-8 at last year's Frankfurt Auto Show", this was only EVER the Face-lifted RX-8 which the rest of the world had the year before...nothing more nothing less.

    Germany received the New RX-8 Face-lift R3 Last Year...for sale.

    The RX-8 is being retired in Europe ONLY because of emissions.
    Mazda has a 10 Year Production cycle for the RX-8 which will finish in 2013.
    Mazda can not help it if "regulators" change their minds in regard to emissions half way through a cars production cycle.
    There WILL be MANY other models from other brands that will stop..

    As an Owner of the Latest RX-8 they are a FANTASTIC Sports Car,,,,SUBLIME, one of the best all round Sports cars out.
    Not too many cars MAKE me want to drive it..

    IF you have NEVER Lived with an RX-8 you have NO qualification to judge this superb piece of engineering.

  • Godspeed says,
    6 years ago
    Mazda Australia must do an SP version (like the RX-7 SP), stripped down with no rear seats, uprated suspension tune, mild exhaust / airbox and ECU upgrade and lightweight forged aluminium rims... that would be tasty.

    I never understood the *automatic* version. De-tuned from 170 to 158kW, a peaky rotary engine and automatic tranny in a sports car really don't go together.

    Claimed fuel consumption of 12.9L/100 is a bit excessive by today's standards. CO2 would be similarly high. the Nissan 370Z is 10.5 in comparison!
  • Corporal_clegg says,
    6 years ago
    The RX-8 is a great car but it has been sad to see it left behind in development over the last few years. The competition has moved on and Mazda has allowed the RX-8 to become stale. It is seriously out punched by its rivals in terms of power.
  • Nightshader says,
    6 years ago
    It has a nice interior and 4 seats for some people thats more important then the outright power - My wife for example. She would trade in our 350z anyday of the week for one even though its slower.
  • martin says,
    5 years ago
    it was never a good looking car. if mazda thought it was worth continuing, it would simple give in a new "sky" engine to replace the rotary. bye bye RX8.