Mike Stevens | Apr 15, 2010

AS FORD works to boost both power and efficiency with its new diesel-like EcoBoost petrol engines, the American carmaker is already hard at work on the engine's successor.

In developing the EcoBoost engines, Ford adapted common diesel technology like direct injection and advanced turbocharging technology for use with petrol engines. Now, Ford is looking to introduce a cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system to the EcoBoost engines.

Designed to cool exhaust gas in a heat exchange before routing it back into the cylinders, cooled EGR systems reduce combustion temperatures, allowing for a leaner air/fuel mix and higher compression ratios without increasing engine knock.

“The first generation of EcoBoost applied some of the key technologies found in powerful diesel engines – such as direct injection and turbocharging – and optimized them for the gasoline engine,” Bob Fascetti, Director of Large Gas and Diesel Engine Engineering at Ford said.

“The next generation of EcoBoost engines will continue that path to deliver more power and even better fuel economy with lower emissions, which are key customer benefits of EcoBoost technology.”

Fascetti said Ford expects to gain greater power, and a five percent gain in fuel economy, through the new system.

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