Mike Stevens | Apr 12, 2010

FOLLOWING NEWS last month that the Queensland Government is considering reducing the state's drink-driving limit to 0.02, NSW Transport Minister David Campbell has confirmed this week that his state has no plans to introduce similar laws.

Speaking with AAP on Sunday, Mr Campbell said that while New South Wales will continue to monitor the progress of Queensland's public feedback, NSW motorists need not worry yet.

"We have no plans in NSW to move towards this," Mr Campbell said.

"We will watch with interest, the debate in Queensland, and I'll watch with interest how far the NRMA's promotion of this goes."

Mr Campbell said that such a low limit would make it too difficult for motorists to easily determine if they are legally able to drive, particularly for those following a big night with a morning drive - a predicament Mr Campbell found himself in after a recent family party.

"My wife drove home. I make that point clear. She had no alcohol," he said. He added that if he had driven the following morning, a breath test could have easily returned a blood alcohol reading of over 0.02.

The Queensland Government will put the question to the people before making a decision on whether to introduce the lower limit into law. The discussion paper will be made available to the public at www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au.

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