Mike Stevens | May 31, 2010

New Saab CEO Victor Muller has confirmed that Saab is planning a revival of the Saab 92, likely to be called the 9-2 - not to be confused with the Subaru Impreza-based 9-2X.

Earlier this year, Muller confirmed that the new model - which would likely compete with the MINI Cooper and the Audi A1 - would be designed to bring new, potentially younger customers to Saab.

Whether the 9-2 would be the same car as the 9-1 small car already mentioned in recent Saab announcements, or a separate model line, is unclear.

Speaking with Bloomberg this week, Muller said that the company is already on its way getting development started.

"Discussions are already ongoing, that will be on my plate for the next 100 days, Mr Muller said.

Muller added that the design of the car will be heavily influenced by the original 92 of the 50s, offering a similar 'tear drop' style.

Before new models can be added to the Saab line-up however, the Swedish carmaker will need to climb to a more stable, profitable position.

"We need to find separate financing, or we have to perform so well, we can do it out of our own means, or find a partner who we can share a platform with who has deeper pockets, so we can share it on their balance sheet, Mr Muller told Motor Trend in an interview with US website Motor Trend last month.

With a production company, once you break even on your infrastructural costs, anything you produce on top of that basically drops to your bottom line."

Muller said that establishing a partnership would be the best course for Saab, describing the modern car industry as "musical chairs," with so many manufacturers sharing knowledge, parts and platforms to keep costs down.

The 9-2 will be some time away, with Saab already planning to renew and bulk up its existing range with the upcoming 9-5 and 9-4X, and a new 9-3 in multiple body styles.

With its goal of converting the brand to a niche player, Spyker says Saab will be repositioned against BMW and Audi as it seeks to grow sales to 125,000 units per year.

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