2010 Ford Mondeo Diesel Wagon Coming In Third Quarter

Mike Stevens | Mar 25, 2010

FOLLOWING NEWS TODAY that it will discontinue the Falcon wagon this year, Ford Australia has announced that a diesel version of the Mondeo wagon will join the current MB Mondeo range later this year.

"Over the past 12 months there has been an increasing shift in consumer preferences for this sector of the market, with growing customer expectations for improved safety features, new technologies, contemporary styling and the option for alternative fuels," Ford Australia Vice President for Marketing, Sales & Service, Beth Donovan said.

"In order to meet these changing customer expectations in the long term, the Falcon wagon will cease production, while the introduction of a new diesel Mondeo wagon will present a modern alternative to fulfil the needs of both private and fleet customers."

As with the Zetec and Titanium Mondeo sedan models, the Mondeo diesel wagon will draw power from Ford's TDCi Duratorq diesel engine, producing 103kW at 4000rpm and 320Nm of torque at 1750rpm.

"The Mondeo wagon has presented a compelling proposition for wagon customers since it was introduced in July last year," Ms Donovan said.

"Packed full of equipment and features, and sporting a spacious cargo area with generous payload capability, Mondeo wagon delivers an ideal package to serve the needs of both private and fleet customers."

Speaking with TMR at the MB Mondeo launch last year, Ford Australia's Justin Lacy confirmed that the diesel wagon was always on the company's radar, but limited overseas production had lead to a delay on local deliveries.

"Our priority was simply to get the wagon here as soon as possible, which due to production constraints out of Europe, meant petrol variants arrive first, in line with the rest of the MB Mondeo range, " Mr Lacy said.

Ford has yet to reveal specification and trim details for the Mondeo diesel wagon, although more details are expected to come closer to its launch in the third quarter of this year.

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  • shaker says,
    6 years ago
    It is a dim memory that Ford was Market Leader for 16 years and as of February sales was no 4.The answer is three letters TFL (TOO F&%$*ING LATE).Australia has become the dumping ground for Ford of Europe production regardless of Market Indicators. The original new shaped Mondeo quickly established a preference for diesel engines in the sales mix So what is the mix of the latest Mondeo on launch ? 98% petrol.!! Just to add some challenge there are 2 wagon models with no diesel That is a good way to increase Market Share.The old adage of build it and they will have to buy it doesn.t work when the Koreans are your competitors and they offer what the buying public want.I seem to remember that European production is heavily weighted to diesel engines and that their production was impacted by the GFC. Hey there is some spare production so we can give you what you want and by the way it is cheaper as the $AU is stronger. No wait till the Falcon Wagon is discontinued is the better policy. TFL will mean Mazda will relegate Ford to No6 before too long
  • 668475019
    Jake02 says,
    6 years ago
    What about the fact that they're getting rid of the XR5T?
  • PeterG says,
    6 years ago
    Sadly I think the rest of the Falcon range will go the same way as the wagon and we will all be driving Mondeos..Having said that I do not think it is a bad car but rear wheel drive it aint.Also I do not think diesels meet the value equation in Australia yet.Also like it or otherwise autos sell so why dont they have one.I think Shaker is right Oz is a dumping ground for cars they cant sell in UK.They did the same dumb thing with the Fiesta where again autos sell and yes you can have it but with the smaller engine -why because fuel is so expensive in the UK not because it is what our market wants.Really since the GFC Ford Oz has lost any independence- didnt they lose a CEO after a short period which was very strange.This would explain it.
  • Tom says,
    6 years ago
    PeterG, the diesel Mondeo is only available with a 6 speed auto, unlike the Mazda 6, which is I think what you're thinking of. In regards to Aus being a dumping ground for FoE, kind of not seeing the issue here given the quality of Fords offerings in Europe. People need to realise one of Ford's problems is that the GFC didn't hurt their sales in Europe to anywhere near the extent of other manufacturers, they are cutting riding on some of their highest marketshares they have ever had. So supply problems are going to happen.

    And yes, the 'Koreans' ie Hyundai and Kia have made massive strides in quality with their latest offerings. But when you look at the prices, they are no longer much cheaper than their Japanese competitors.
  • Redford says,
    6 years ago
    always been a fan of mondeo cars and I personally cannot wait for this wagon to hit the dealers, especially the diesel variant...
  • toesonthenose says,
    6 years ago
    This will be the next company car that will end up sitting in my garage when not on the road. It's gotta be much better than the Falcon wagon I'm currently driving......Looking forward to putting a few km's on it. As long as it can hold 2 or 3 surfboards,wetsuits & whatnot, I'll be happy.