Peugeot 3008 On Sale In Australia

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The Peugeot 3008 compact SUV range has been launched in Australia, with sales officially set to begin on July 1. Three engines - two diesels and one petrol - and both automatic and manual transmissions will be offered, however the petrol-powered variant is strictly auto-only.


While based on the platform of the 308 hatchback, the 3008 shares little of its external styling.

Utilising a single-compartment SUV-like body shape, the 3008 features a split tailgate with plunging side windows, a forward-positioned front windscreen and wide flat-surfaced wheel arches over high-riding suspension.

At the front and rear of the 3008, rugged sports-style bumpers suggest an off-road look - although the 3008 is very much an on-road proposition.

The base XSE rides on 17-inch alloys as standard, with the range-topping XTE getting 18-inch alloys.


Also featured is what Peugeot calls a 'Multiflex Interior', designed to offer greater accessibility and versatility. The split tailgate allows the bottom flap to be used as a seat when required, or to help with loading bulkier items into the rear storage area.

The 'Three Position' boot floor can be compartmentalised thanks to a three-way movable floor with height adjustment. Storage capacity beneath the rear parcel shelf is 512 litres (and 1030mm wide), including an open storage area on the right-hand side and a closed compartment on the left.


Two trim levels are available in the 3008 range, the entry-level XSE and the higher spec XTE. All three engines are available in either grade.

The XSE has cruise control, dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, an electric parking brake, hill start assist, a trip computer, power windows, heated wing mirrors and an airconditioned centre console box as standard.

The base stereo system is a six-speaker AM/FM CD tuner with 3.5mm auxillary input, while the XTE gains a USB input for portable music players such as iPods.

Compared with the XSE, the XTE also gets a heads-up display, auto-dimming rear view mirrors, a panoramic glass roof and power folding wing mirrors as standard – all of which are optional on the XSE.

Bi-xenon headlamps are an option for the XTE, as are front parking sensors and an electric driver’s seat.

Standard safety equipment for both model grades includes six airbags (front, front side and curtain), stability control, traction control, ABS, EBD, three-point seatbelts on all seats and pretensioning front seatbelts.

The XTE gets the added bonus of a radar-based distance alert system, which helps to maintain a safe gap between the 3008 and the vehicle in front of it during highway cruising.


The 2010 Peugeot 3008 will be available with two diesel engines and one turbo-charged petrol engine.

Fitted with a diesel particulate filter, the 1.6 litre HDi FAP engine achieves fuel consumption figures of just 4.9 l/100km.

Diesel Engines

six-speed manual transmission
Output: 82kW Torque: 270Nm
Fuel consumption: 5.2l/100km (combined cycle)
CO2 Emissions: 135g/km
Euro V compliant

MCP electronically-control manual transmission
Output: 80kW Torque: 240Nm
Fuel consumption: 4.9l/100km (combined cycle)
CO2 emissions: 130g/km
Euro IV compliant
(Euro V in October 2010)

MCP electronically-control manual transmission
Output: 80kW Torque: 240Nm
Fuel consumption: 5.1l/100km (combined cycle)
CO2 emissions: 135g/km
Euro IV compliant
(Euro V in October 2010)

XSE 2.0L HDi
Six-speed Automatic
Output: 120kw Torque: 340Nm
Fuel consumption: 6.6l/100km (combined cycle)
CO2 Emissions: 173g/km
Euro V

XTE 2.0L HDi
Six-speed Automatic
Output: 120kW Torque: 340Nm
Fuel consumption: 6.7l/100km (combined cycle)
CO2 Emissions: 176g/km
Euro V

Petrol Engine

XSE 1.6L Turbo
Six-speed Automatic
Output: 115kW Torque: 240Nm
Fuel consumption: 7.7l/100km
CO2 Emissions: 178g/km
Euro V

XTE 1.6 Turbo
Six-speed Automatic
Output: 115kW Torque: 240Nm
Fuel consumption: 7.8l/100km (combined cycle)
CO2 emissions: 182g/km
Euro V

Suspension is managed up front by McPherson struts and a torsion-beam arrangement at the rear.

Also featured are multi-valve hydraulic shock absorbers, designed to endow the SUV-like 3008 with what Peugeot describes as "levels of road-holding and comfort previously unseen in this segment".

Peugeot's Grip Control system - intelligent traction control combined with 16-inch Mud and Snow tyres - works to manage the front wheels, maintaining control when the wheels have little grip.

The aim of the system is to optimise the traction of both front wheels by means of an improved traction control (developed and patented by Bosch), incorporated within the electronic control unit (ECU) of the ESP.


The 2010 Peugeot 3008 will launch in Australia in July.

  • 3008 XSE - 1.6 HDi EGC - $36,790
  • 3008 XSE - 1.6 Turbo Automatic - $35,990
  • 3008 XSE - 2.0 HDi Automatic - $39,490
  • 3008 XTE - 1.6 HDi EGC - $39,990
  • 3008 XTE - 1.6 Turbo Automatic - $39,490
  • 3008 XTE - 2.0 HDi Automatic - $42,990

Cost options include metallic paint ($800), pearlescent paint ($1000), premium Pearl White paint ($1300), leather ($2500) and headrest-mounted DVD screens ($1200).

On the XSE's options list, there's Bluetooth connectivity ($600), a heads-up display ($700), auto-dimming and folding wing mirrors ($300), and the panoramic "Cielo" glass roof ($1000). The XTE has front parking sensors and headlight washers($500), an electric driver's seat ($500), and bi-xenon headlights ($1500).

Note: prices are Recommended Vehicle Price and do not include dealer delivery or on-road costs.

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  • Cameron Giles says,
    6 years ago
    those transmission - engine line ups dont seem right... :-S

    apart from that (thats probably a typo) its looking great, my only this is lack of awd but i can live without that... love the split tailgate and manual diesel. wait and see what the price is then ill see if its on my list...
  • Wheelnut
    Wheelnut says,
    6 years ago
    Yet again Peugeot have created a car that looks distinctively different to every other hatchback out there - which IMO is a good thing... I like it
  • sammo8191
    sammo8191 says,
    6 years ago
    this looks an interesting proposition.
    as long as the pricing is right then this should sell quite well - a very unique vehicle in a niche category.

    in case you haven't noticed by my profile pic, I love Peugeots!!
  • 5valvepercylinder
    5 valve per cylinder says,
    6 years ago
    They seem to have copied a few design cues off the Audi R8 ( especially the cabin )., not a bad thing.. this I think is Nissan Qashqai's counterpart from sister Renault.
  • 668475019
    Jake02 says,
    5 years ago
    I would very much like one of these, they're quite cool! Good looking, great interior, nice and practical - I'd easily have one over a 308! I expected it to be more expensive, especially at the top, but we haven't seen specs yet.

    Only negative for me is the lack of a whole manual tranny range (I doubt the 1.6 would be thaaaaat quick...) but good effort Peugeot!
  • sammo8191
    sammo8191 says,
    5 years ago
    Yeah the pricing looks good. I was expecting a starting price of high 30s, low 40s, but $35,990 is quite a tempting proposition indeed, let's hope the specs aren't too limited on the base model.
  • says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    Looks good, why do they only give Australian versions an auto for the 2.0 diesel versions when the manual box is great and easy to use. Would consder this vehicle when time for upgrading comes along however the smaller diesel engine may be too underpowered.
  • says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    Peugeot reliability issue is evident in this vehicle. Took delivery of my 3008 XTE 2.0HDI less than 2 weeks ago… Second day I had to take it back to replace a faulty alternator… then within 2 weeks after that, got gearbox faults error, which almost stranded me on the Harbour Bridge during morning peak hour traffic. And now Peugeot Australia tells me they don’t know what’s causing the issue, and have to seek assistance from France. All these happened within 2 weeks of taking delivering of my new 3008…

    and the courtesy car I had to go pick it up myself at Hertz, and it’s not even one in similar class to the lemon 3008 they sold me… Peugeot Australia gave me a Toyota as a replacement vehicle… So I guess even they believe that a Peugeot is the same as a Toyota… or they are promoting that they would rely on Toyota when their Peugeot products fail…

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