Mike Devereux Announced As New Holden Chairman And Managing Director

Mike Stevens | Mar 22, 2010

HOLDEN HAS TODAY announced the appointment of Mike Devereux, 44, as the company's new Chairman and Managing Director.

The announcement follows news earlier this month that Devereux's predecessor Alan Batey had been appointed Vice President of Sales and Service for Chevrolet in the US.

Tim Lee, President of GM International Operations, said Mr Devereux’s global experience and passion for cars made him ideally suited to lead Holden.

“Coupled with an absolute passion for cars, Mike brings rare experience across almost every area of the automotive business including manufacturing, product development and senior management roles in GM’s international operations, marketing, sales and aftersales including the then newly formed e-Business group," Mr Lee said.

“Mike’s most recent outstanding work in the Middle East, which has traditionally been an important export market for Holden, makes him a strong advocate for his new home and the historical brand even before he steps on Australian soil."

Born in Britain and raised in Canada, Devereux joins Holden from his previous position as President and Managing Director of GM Middle East. Earlier roles in Devereux's 26 year career at GM include director positions in the company's Global Sales, Service and Marketing offices.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from the GMI Engineering & Management Institute and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University.

Devereux is Holden's third Chairman and Managing Director in two years, following Alan Batey's six month tenure and Mark Reuss's 18 month run before him.

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  • Wheelnut
    Wheelnut says,
    6 years ago
    Mmmm.... Former GM CEO Rick Wagoner is a Harvard graduate - so that isn't really saying much.

    I mean just because you happen to have "a piece of paper" doesn't mean that you have a better understanding of what you are doing or what you are talking about etc or that you are going to do a better job
    than someone who has worked their way up from the factory/showroom floor [and actually has practical experience] does

  • Dave8888 says,
    5 years ago
    1 like
    So far this year to date July 2010, GM Holden has had five (5) recalls affecting 65790, Commodores, Captivas, Combos, Cruzes, and Daewoos and figures for the first six months of the year shows 68,657 vehicles sold, now they are recalling 34,432 Commodore Utes.
    I placed a deposit on a SV6 Commodore on the 10 May 2010, and today is 11 July 2010, the car was built in SA, on the 25 June 2010, I am still waiting, as they deliver the vehicle to the customer by "Donkey Cart", my contract with the dealership with my tradeins are a joke, and when I have rung the so called Customer service in Melbourne, Vic, they cant help me.
    I have asked this so called customer service DEPT in VIC.who the CEO is for Holden?, they refused to give me his name, this so called CEO is so intangible, that he is not easily perceived, grasped, comprehended, pinned down or isolated to be contacted by his customers.
    His gross Mis Management has cost me two months of Full Payments for a car I still do not have, I would be in very deep trouble if my trade ins were incumbent, and had to pay for three(3) cars, and this "Donkey" CEO can not be reached, his managers dont help out, and his staff when I have rung STD three (3) times were extremely angular, crude, rough, unfinished, dissonant, cocophonous, inharmonious, to which all sums to Lacking Professionalism and craftsmanship and artistic finish, which is hastily executed and admittedly imperfect imprecise, management of this very great company.
    I have bought Holdens since the EH, now I will "Not Recommend Holden to Anybody"....
  • Very disgruntled says,
    4 years ago
    I am writing this email to share with you about an awful situation we find ourselves in thanks to Holden in Queensland They have been very unfair and very unAustralian.

    We had Holden fit a nudge bar onto our Commodore back in 2002 because we were posted to NSW. They charged us about $180 to do this. Then last year I was driving our Autistic son to a doctor when the police said that the nudge bar was covering the front plate. I have contact Holden on numerous occasions to which they have said that it was too long ago. I needed the money to do an audio processing assessment for our son.Which was the amount of the fine$320.00 I only asked they help us with the cost which we wouldn't have to pay if the bar was fitted correctly in the first place. I also looked into the traffic laws they haven't changed.

    I was hoping for some justified outcome and to let others know. But I have contacted both the dealer and Holden itself they don't want to help.It certainly has changed my mind.
  • Stumpy says,
    2 years ago
    What is his salary?
    Will he put his hand up first to take a pay cut?