Tony O'Kane | Mar 19, 2010

WALKINSHAW PERFORMANCE has wheeled out its latest tuned Holden, the SS-V Superwagon.

The Superwagon is based on an SS-V Special Edition Sportwagon. But, with the addition of a supercharger, a new exhaust, retuned suspension and a rejigged styling package, the Superwagon is far from your average family-hauling estate car.

Power output is lifted by the WP 190 supercharger to 450kW, with torque a staggering 770Nm. A water-to-air intercooler is included in the WP 190 package, and larger injectors supply the fuel needed by the engine.

Walkinshaw declines to mention exactly how fast the Superwagon is, but says it will sprint from zero to 100km/h in under five seconds.

Three-inch diameter exhaust piping and a bi-modal muffler system borrowed from HSV also improves the rumble of the Superwagon’s V8, while still keeping the note civil during sedate cruising.

New springs and dampers lower the Superwagon and stiffen the ride, with 20-inch wheels and tyres adding some bling to the package.

Inside, Walkinshaw-branded floormats and headrests jazz up the interior, and a Rockford-Fosgate premium audio system specifically developed for Walkinshaw is fitted.

All of this will cost you $43,990 - on top of the purchase cost of an SS-V Sportwagon base vehicle.

It’s a lot of money to spend on a station wagon, but for added peace of mind Walkinshaw now incorporates a full driveline warranty into the cost of its parts, which matches the remaining time left on the donor vehicle’s new car warranty.

The parts fitted to the Superwagon are also available individually, and can be applied to the full range of V8-powered VE sedans, utes and wagons, as well as any HSV vehicles.

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