2010 Volkswagen New Beetle BlackOrange Announced

Tony O'Kane | Mar 15, 2010

VOLKSWAGEN AUSTRALIA has announced the arrival of a new special-edition model for the New Beetle range: the BlackOrange.

The BlackOrange edition is offered in two colours: solid black with silver mirrors and silver side decals, or a metallic orange with black mirror caps, black roof and black decals.

A set of 17-inch alloys are also standard for the BlackOrange, and are colour-coded black for the orange paint scheme and silver for the black paint scheme.

A sports suspension package lowers the Beetle and improves cornering performance, while front foglights are standard fit. The BlackOrange is also equipped with privacy glass for the rear cabin.

The BlackOrange special edition can be had with the same 75kW 1.6 litre petrol, 2.0 litre petrol or 77kW 1.9 litre turbodiesel that are offered in the rest of the New Beetle hatch and cabriolet line-up.

Transmission options for the BlackOrange are also identical to regular New Beetle models, with either a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic available.

Inside, faux-leather upholstery covers all four seats, with the steering wheel and gearknob trimmed in genuine leather. The pedals are finished in aluminium, and cruise control is standard.

New Beetle BlackOrange pricing starts at $27,500 for the petrol manual hatch - an $800 premium over the base model New Beetle Miami. Opting for an automatic transmission adds $2500 to the sticker price.

The BlackOrange Cabriolet, however, is priced identically to the standard New Beetle Cabriolet, starting at $37,700 for the manual-equipped convertible.

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  • mediawatch says,
    6 years ago
    I looked on the site ad spotted the VW BlackOrange
    You know the german economy has taken a hit like many other European ecoomiies.

    Well on my behalf, please tell Angela Merkel , the Chancellor of Germany, that I can solve all her problems for her and bring down her deficit. How can I?

    Well many many years ago my Mum had a Beetle, like many many oher working people around the world.

    It was a winner by any measure. What did VW do many years later - they brought out what first looked like an eye catcher and modern look alike. But it was for trendies - it was big, bulkt and heavy, gutless - sil is, and had the pretty plastic flower beside the driver - kitch - it did have a lovely big front windscreen.

    In my opinion that tredy flop has been a disaster to this day, VW has done nothing to fix it and cash in - while the costs of production in Germany are high, labour rates in particular, the Polo is not the answer at all.

    While the Mercedes Smart is not smart - too dear, much much too dear, that is the direction for VW - the small beetle - , make no mistake, small s bautiful- all VW has to do and do very quickly, as the horse may have already bolted (serious competition), VW need to get a small, well made brisk little petrol (and perhaps gas) beetle out on the street very very quickly - forget diesel and forget electric,forget hybrid - keep it simple and get a great little beetle on the street asap

    For heavens sake, Angela (Merkel), go and knock on th door of the CEO of VW, take a cappuchino with you, or go out to lunch with him, and enjoy a Stein of his favourite pilsener beer,with him away from the public view, and simply tell to make the real beetle and get it on the street.. like NOW.

    And stand back and watch the sales rocket again and help the deficit decline.

    Angela, I beg you to get into the ear of the VW CEO and take him out of the slumber.

    Angela, I am not a german, nor have I been to Germany,I loved Mum's beetle, even the reserve tank (not safe today of course)

    So Angela, get them going, tell them not to waste money on showing windscreen wipers suddenly going on when it rains, or show the boring ads we see at the moment. Tell the CEO to begin 1, Design like I told you , 2, Start production very soon, but get the ads ready to show the liitle Beetle, show us lots of actual images of the carr, silly marketing images and get the CEO to set up an operation in China. You will need a lot of my help here.

    Tell Angela, I will help her to get it going because she will know that the stubborn german manufacturer will strongly resist chage. My consultancy fee will be great value for money. I don't speak german but am very good at languages, and I dont need any flash sort of accommodation while working with the VW team. I am happy with a cute little apartment as long as it has a good deal of sunlight, and perhaps VW might lend me one of their cars while I'm there ,so I can try out the autobarns and streets, and then of course advise on any issues about what I think might be a good package for the Beetle.

    My CV is excelllent - I love my Australian Holden Commodore 3.8 VE V6 with ESP, but my greatest attribute is my great love and passion for old Beetle. I am available f

    So I beg yo to promise me that you will give this mesage to Angela M ad the CEO of VW
    or immediate start, although might have to let my current Project Manager job go for this project
    Yours sincerely

    Terry M, Melboune Australia, mobile/cell phone:0402 757206

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